15 03 2009

For YouR LIsteNinG PLeasURe the SOunDtRACk to This POst InclUDes The FollOWinG : ReSPecT …JAGGED EDGE

I DID IT! iVe SuccessFullY maDe a Move!  PAiD mY DepOSit, Got The UHAUL, and NOw Im Here! WORDPRESS will nevA Be THe SAME. WeLcoME to My Nu SPot… U liKe? …Comfy HUh? Im Tryen To Create That CleaN SopHisTacaTED lOOK wAs I successful?  FeeL FRee to visit the OLD spoT  http://herorganizedchaos.blogspot.com/ foR Sum GooD Old FAshIOn MemOrRIEs n woRds. BUT forgeT all That HAnd me The Scissors Im Cutten Duck Tape OFf Boxes. RiTe nOw Im In THe mOven n Getiin CoZy StAGE .  IGnore The UnPAcked Boxes, Tissue PAper, and BuBBle WRAp MOven in can Be SUch a DraG! :)No WoRRies WE”ll bE FullY FurNIshed SooN UntiL theN EnJOy THe InnocenCe of Nu BegininGs.

 So Ive BEen Doin A Lot Of Writing LatelY wIth MidTermS On mY HeeLS STreSS iS HIgh But My Urge to Write iSnt Low ! I NotIced Im wRiting ReallY Honest thinGS But Im AfarId to Post them?!?

ITs Like Im AfarId For the Wrong Pair of eyes to Read my Words fOr Fear thEy May Take things ANd TWist them Or be Scared By them. Well You Know wAt fuCk it Im POsten Shit Take it how U wiLL Or How U wont..Watever. The First POeM In the ArcHIVe THat Ive bEeN Sitten On IS TiTLed Baby Daddy …Okay Before u Judge Me ReAD It. In my Honest Opinion Its ProLLy……One of my best. I beCAme AfArid Of MySeLF WeN I reAD thIS. DAMN weN DID I bEcomE So HoNEST? HAve I bEEN TAiNTEd TO thE POINt ThaT Im NOW TarniShed? I WaNa Be PolIShed AGAIN U Kno THE Girl I WAs BeFOrE YouR Brother, Son, Or COuSin GoT a HoLD of My Heart. IDK i mAy To Far GonE And thIS pOeM ShoWS thaT. ITS a bit LoNGEr than MOST that I WRITE but ITS WORTH EVERY WORD N EVERY SECOND U READ. Before Signing Off I want To DedIcate this To All the SInglE MommY’s i.e. My LIL SIS, MY BIG SIS, My BEST FRIEND BRITT, SHit HAlf the MiNORItY FEmALe PopUlAtion. Ur NOT ALONE. To The “RUNNERS” u Kno the Ones Who Suit UP theRe NIKE’s And HeAd NOrtH WeN They Get the NEws ThaT They Cant  Play VideO Games N BAsketBAll ALL day anYMore… MAken a BABY and buyen OuTFiTS doesnt MAke u A FATHER. CATcH YOUR BREATH AND UR SANITY & STOP RUNNIN .

Lemme KNo Wat U think.  



I write poems about people who really exist

Which means im pretty sure after this someone will be pissed

But it doesn’t matter

Cus sum where a young girls belly is getting fatter

And sum body needs to hear this

Before they become just another chick on the list

I break down for girls carrying and raisen babies all alone

Arguing all nite with sperm donors ova the fone

I wrote this for young girls who laid on there backs

And let young niggas run over them like train tracks

At first it was baby this and baby that

And now its get that baby outta here and why is yo ass getting so fat?

Funny how shit switches up when morning sickness begins

And he feels like his life ends

There will be no more video games, parties, and hoes

I guess its kinda painful to hear that his loosen everything he knows

So now his on sum what do we do

I barely even know you

Were hardly even ready

My job can barely stay steady

I’m full of excuses excuses excuses

 I guess we should wrapped it up a little tighter

Then maybe your belly would be a little lighter

It was all in clean fun

Until u realized u were just another one

And now nine months down the road your haven his daughter or son

Maybe if u were Playstation three or two….

Then he”d still wanna fuck wit you

See fellas this isn’t to condemn or blame you cus I kno ur not all the same

But this is just to the few fuck ups who fuck up ya”ll game

And ladies this isn’t to excuse that you should have shut ur legs that night

Maybe then you and your “baby daddy” wouldn’t have to fight

Cus now its too much to ask him to call and check on what his created

He seemed to text and visit more when you dated

Reminding him about doctors appointments like you his mother

Knowin when his not speakin to you his wit sum other

You use to be THE SHIT

But that was before you let him hit

Now it’s like who is she

Don’t call me if it ain’t about the baby

You complain about shoes, clothes, milk, and bills

While he spends money on haircuts, clothes, the club, and his wheels

You can’t help but to scream but then HERE YOU GO AGAIN  accused of bringen drama

Now when you call he be like “it’s just my babies momma”

Ladies im pissed for you

And what you go thru

Im not sayen we deserve a red carpet but can I get respect for carrying ur seed

I know ur thoughts cus I hear them

No need to any longer keep them within

You say things like don’t u kno im giving him or her their every need

If it was up to me i’d start my period and bleed

But now we”re too deep

And Im the only one loosen sleep

When I was hungry we ate

When I was sleepy we slept that was never up for debate

When u made me cry don’t u understand

Those tears were from a shared eye

I carried something that was a legacy of you

She or he heard us arguing and we never had a clue

Powerful shit

U were good enuf to fuck but not good enuf to be wit 

You don’t deserve to throw up for weeks at a time

Spend your last dime

Get fatter n buy new clothes

Then hear about him and his new hoes

Push out something that’s too big to even fit inside

And then months later be the chick that he pushes to the side

Don’t you wish u could go back in time and shake yourself while in that bed

Sitting here u cant even remember what went thru your head

Caught up in a clean cut

All he was worried about was getting sum butt

Dropping out for semesters at a time just to take care of you and yours

BUT don’t stress baby girl God will soon open doors

Cus life wasn’t meant to be so hard but he was meant to be in your life

You may be a baby mama but that doesn’t mean you”ll neva be a wife

I’ve cried tears for you and ur situation

So don’t think u lie in alienation

I admire you courage, strength, and pride

Cus your baby isn’t something you have to hide

And to all of you who think that it could never be you

And your so called BOO

I’m here to tell you, your wrong

Life isn’t fucking Rhianna love song

There are men who leave you with or without a child

Who would rather do them and run wild

You can pretty, aight, or a straight ten

But that baby daddy drama is a battle you”ll neva win

So im here to write shit about people who go thru real things

Who have babies without wedding rings

This is for you

Your not alone in what you go thru












3 responses

16 03 2009

Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

17 03 2009
bre french

awww bff i greatly appreciate this i think not only men but naive women need to c our stuggle!!!i wouldnt take jaedyn bac for anything in the world but it aint easy bein’ a good {single} mommy, a fabulous bytch, and a shopaholic all in one!!! luv u always

19 03 2009
PitchBlack Ent.

Awesome words of wisdom, You are very wise for such a young lady. Can’t wait to read what you have to say next. Keep it coming!

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