“wHy Can’t WE Be fRiEnDs?”

17 03 2009

Some friendships come easy. I’ve found one that has come with a battle. But is a friendship worth fighting for if your partner refuses to put on his boxing gloves. A match can only be a match when two people agree to fight fair and clean. Looks like my partner is a part time athlete …which leaves me punching bags fullof sand and bullshit. When is a battle worth giving up? How long can you box with someone who refuses to participate? Or are some people just never going to suit up? Maybe some people aren’t meant to be fighting partners mostly because their to selfish to fight for anything besides themselves.

I guess i should introduce this piece by simply stating that this piece is FACEBOOK friendly if ur not a user your may be lost BUT tha real point is i’ve been ask to fight for a friendship that has basically been the hardest fight ive suited up for. Im tired, im alone, im sore, im bruised, im not myself. Not to mention I have a killer bruise on my heart, your welcome to check it out wen we get face to face. At first i refused to put on my gloves but now that im fitted, greased up, and in my corner i can’t seem to find my fighting partner… And to think HE WAS THE ONE WHO asked “why can’t we be friends?”


I looked him in his eye

And said you and I

not being friends is wats best

So stop asking me why I denied your facebook friend request

I don’t wana look on my mini feed 

And have to read that you and Kayla “ I’madiva” Jackson are now friends

Cus wen you hurt me that’s wen the friendship ends

I don’t wana see you tagged in pics at miscellaneous locations as if I’m not on your mind

I throw shade at pics of sum chick getting it and you dancin on her from behind

Cus it’s like I start to wonder how many notes and statuses I”ll write that you will never read.

I even wonder how many times my pictures pop up on ur mini feed.

So now I’m overly taken pics with my and all my chicks

Tryna show you how pretty and happy I am without you

Sayen im in a relationship and I got new boo even thou we both know that’s far from true

All of these things cus I’m afraid of you

And what your red kisses do

Cus if you hurt me there’s no tellin how you”ll treat another

But I don’t blame you cus this must have been the way you saw your father treat ur mother

Tell me did he ignore her when she needed him and left her wen she was down ?

Did he find it hard to stick around?

Cus history is repeating itself and your not him and im not her

That’s why not bein your friend is what I prefer

So now im the only one throwin rocks at your glass personality

I throw until I’m tired because this Mr. nice guy act is expired

I refuse to join the fan club or follow the trend

And that’s why I can’t be your friend

He told me he doesn’t understand why it has to be like this

What a typical man obviously Im still pissed

I’ve tried to understand what kind of friendship he wants from me?

Why pursue a friendship with sumone that I hate to see?

I started to wonder what was so special about me that he wanted to keep me around

Friends with an enemy? How stupid does that sound?

Listen we can’t be friends you and I are like that facebook status its complicated

So this friendship thing can’t be negotiated

Im not interested in hearing about you and some other chick

The minor thought you doin sumone else is enough to make me sick

I hear you name and its pure akward

People ask me were u at and it seems absurd

And that’s when I have to break it down for them and explain that we can’t be friends

When a man hurts me the friendship ends

You ignore text, calls, and my presents when I’m near

If this is what you call friendship then keep it my dear.

I won’t join your fan club and tell you how great you are.

Cus your like payless shoes you look good for a far

I look at everyone like dang If you only knew

Ole dude did things that you thought he’d neva do.

I’m tired of being angry but I won’t be friend your ways

I guess that’s why its hard to speak to most days

I don’t wanna act like I don’t kno who you are

Drive faster when I see you on the yard in my car

Cus wish I could edit this whole story so you could be me instead

I want you to know how it feels to replay everything as you lay in your bed

I wish I could walk around and not cross my fingers that I don’t run in to you

Don’t wanna remember random memories of you out of the blue

Im sick of reciting poems about emotions you could care less about

And wen you walk in the room im suddenly lookin for a way out

I guess this is the part that I admit that I miss you, wana kiss you, wana text, and wana call

But I don’t and I wont

Cus my pride won’t allow me to be rejected

So these feelings get ignored and im feelin neglected

So I wana thank you for the offer its really very nice to do
But dude I can’t be friends with you





One response

17 03 2009

yes yes YES!!!!!….can SO def relate to this. like i said when you first came into the room and read it to me, i feel like you wrote this poem just for me…i love it big sis***
keep doing ya thang

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