29 04 2009

Morining world! So im waken up to another rainy day in the BUck Eye State but still feelin rather mellow and focused. Tryna review for a final I have today ! Can’t seem to stay focused the outside world seems so interesting when you are tryin your best to cut yourself out of it lol On this antisocial tip lately. Dont wana club, party, socialize, just wana chill. I hate to say this but i believe i’ve reached my maturity level over the past few weeks. Not so sure I wana be with Jay anymore enjoyn the “PARTY LIFE” lol

In other news seems as if the root the “kentucky voodo women”< i spoke about last post> put on my love life has gotten worse! LOL GEEESH can a girl catch a break? I wont go into detail but lemme tell u I sometimes look under tables and doors hopen Ashton Kutcher will pop out grung clothing and all SAyen ” SURPRISE HOE WE PUNKED YA ASS! WE GOT U GOOD DIDNT WE?” lol….so far……..Ashton has yet to show up….. When will men ever learn what and who they want? I have a crazy feeling the one who holds on to me tightest will look up one day and see me living the life he wants with sumone else…hmmmm…All i have to say if ur reading this is: CHECK MATE its your move, your call, your decision. Play chest with me or continue to walk the park looking for other players sitting alone on side walks fullof pigeon poop and sun flower seeds < lol how funny i just unknowingly described a scene from the small parks @ the Underground were the poor people sleep in the park and the old men play chest all day with other drunk old men and watch you walk by like meat on a grill lol  the funny thing is its 2 pm and EVERYONE is drunk on a staurday walken around aimlessly looken for sumone to play chest wit lol that one is def for Atlanta Natives lol >

OKay had a moment BUT I wanted to get up and recommend sum quality music to u guys before i start off on my journey into the outside world. MUSIQ SOULCHILD : “SOMEONE” ….WOW i’ve once again fallen in love with his musical talent the guy is a genius!  Youtube the song someone, imeem, itune it wateva u gotta do the cd is great and the song is def bein played at my wedding ..if i make it to that day! CHECK IT OUT AND ENJOY HIS HOME GROWN HONESTY AND FOOD FOR THE SOUL<—HE leaves me stuffed! 🙂

Well off into another day in the life of the pretty, intelligent, akward, imperfect, college girl. This life aint easy but i’d damn sure neva switch places with anyone else…SMILE ITS WEDNESDAY LETS BE PRODUCTIVE!



28 04 2009

Sitting in the kitchen under the flourscent cheap kitchen lamp thinking of the rite words to apologize for my absents from this beautiful relationship we have on my gorgeous site…Okay so i”ll do the regular send flowers, apology notes, dedicate a facebook note to you, post pictures of happier days, and last but not  least call your fone and leave a song dedicated to you…o wait that last one is kinda played out…hint to a certain someone who thought that was smooth to do two weeks ago LoLZ SillY Kids!

So hello world i”ve been busy wrapping up my junior yR of ColleGe! ThatS Rite In One week BABY GIRL will be a SENIOR in college and all those late nites will ahve paid off! And now for the question i Get asked twIce a Month…wat NExt? I have no idea! A LittlE cluE and  Faded Blueprint of wat i want but The FUture is Pretty Much Up in the Air But hell i have 12 mNths to Figure it OUt So WOrk with Me!

AnywhO the Summer is Approaching I have a interview with VIBE MAGAZINE friday for a potential internship that could change my life and have all ex’s, haters, and doubters kISSEN MY ASS FOR HOOKUPS and SHOUTOUTS lol but I dont do this for them i do it for the KId Up top! My nieCe Deserves The BEST and I”ll be damned if she isnt fly, intelligent, and spoiled! N the words of kanye{ im not sayen we were from the projects but everytime i wanted layaway or deposits my daddy would say when you see clothes close your eyelids} LOL ALL im sayen is i want more for her. She derserves it and has nO IDEA! In a NUT sheLL :I wana be the COOL AunTIE witH the COOL jOb, nIce Car, n Big House So I GEt Up and WorK HarD for Her CurlY hair and PriceLess Smile! She has NO clUe How Much She inspires me at the age of 2 i’D hate to see wHen I puSh out my Own Rug Rats! lol

Well before i wrap things up i wana say a few quick things that are on my brain and then i”ll chuck the dueces. I have a sort of gotta get this shit off my chest list that i wana spill so bare with me and lemm e know if u agree wIth any of the things:

  • First off I want everyone to shut the hell up about the swine flu. Its dumb and its another thing to stress my hypercondriac ass out! LOL
  • I’m actually pretty sick of the club scene which is why i may not be seen for a few months but i wana say LADIES wen u go out can u please stop wearin colorful ass spandex tights? And fellas cut it out wit wearin Jordans in the club! YUCK YUCK YUCK c’Mon PeoPlE!
  • I want CAssie to be checked mentally. I love her music as corny as it is, and her style is super cute, and her hair..is now fucked up! who shaves half their head? don’t believe me <SEE PICTURE> http://www.s2smagazine.com/node/657
  • I would also like to announce that  I am alomost POSITIVE some old lady in Kentucky has put a root on my lOVe LIFE and that is y i have reoccuring IDIOTS, ASSHOLES,  and BOYS in MENS DEPARTMENT CLOTHES jack up my heart and head again and again and again and again. AS a result I will no longer date until MAY 2010. Thanks Managment.
  • I saw DRAKE in concert and I AM THE FIRST to tell you HE WILL be THE nEXT KAnye, JAy, Wayen etc etc HIS THE SHIT lyrically and he dont look to bad either! VISIT HIS MYSPACE support raw talent you”ll be happy to say you supported him back wen he was on the come up!http://www.myspace.com/thisisdrake
  • Lastly i would like Pharell to know that he is now a 8 on a 1-10 scale since he removed his tatts! I liked the fact that my parents wouldn’t like you due to your tatts now that you a cleaner cut than a reformed convict at a job interview I NO LONGER FIND U as SEXY as I DID LAST WEEK.

Geeesh fellIn betta already.. Im leavin you wit a piece i wrote after pretty much bein fed up with the dating world. I read it at an event and got a great response so i thought i’d share.It’s a pretty clever piece if i say so myself so but more for the ladies. Dont worry fellas i have sum things in the works for you…ENJOY!

Dating is a waste of time
By now at 23 ive heard every line
You exchange digits and have pointless conversations
And weeks or months later you and him are haven relations
He tells stories about how his ready to possibly change
So u delete numbers and your life starts to rearrange
He may admit that his not ready to settle down
But ur hopeful ladies so u stick around
Movies, dinner, the mall, and a few nights at home
It feels good to finally not be alone
The sex is great and his looks make up for everything he lacks in ambition
So now your holden on to all of that while putting yourself in a compromising position
His kisses melt you like butter and his hugs make u feel safe and all
Bu the fact that he needs other chicks begins to be his downfall
BY now his won you over with his smile but his late night text make u feel like his runnin game
And now u you start to feel like all niggas are the same
You begin to see things on facebook that make u think twice
His stops doin things that use to be nice
Two months into it ur just old news
So things get routine and u get the blues
No longer is it exciting when he walks thru the door
Cus when he comes in he don’t kiss u no more
ESPN and Playstation get more love than you
And since your hearing things about him creepin u start to ask is it true
But now you”ve over stepped your boundaries so he reminds you that “you ain’t my girl remember”
Your bed was just a pit stop and your bootie was a lender
Stupid you to go out of your way and play the act of main chick for so long
Bring on the Kleenex and a good Keisha Cole song
Its gonna be a long night
Cus what Your about to have is the official fuck you fight
It’s a bunch of fuck u fuck fuck u’s and u were neva shits
And by then end of the convo ur both ready to call it quits
You kick him out and pack his random little things
Ignore his fone calls when the fone rings
Reply to text messages with an attitude and no smiley faces
Every memory you have of him erases
Pictures, his soap, his tooth brush, and charger all meet the trash
After admitting his been talken to other chicks You wana go Jasmine Sullivan but hey you got class
So when you see him you ignore him and roll your eyes
BY now his got somebody new and you”ve barely said your goodbyes
Dating is a waste of time
Im 23 and by now I’ve heard every line
It is a who can fuck who and leave who first type game’
And ladies our situations usually end up the same
So save you’re the time and heart ache
And believe when I say dating is a mistake