29 04 2009

Morining world! So im waken up to another rainy day in the BUck Eye State but still feelin rather mellow and focused. Tryna review for a final I have today ! Can’t seem to stay focused the outside world seems so interesting when you are tryin your best to cut yourself out of it lol On this antisocial tip lately. Dont wana club, party, socialize, just wana chill. I hate to say this but i believe i’ve reached my maturity level over the past few weeks. Not so sure I wana be with Jay anymore enjoyn the “PARTY LIFE” lol

In other news seems as if the root the “kentucky voodo women”< i spoke about last post> put on my love life has gotten worse! LOL GEEESH can a girl catch a break? I wont go into detail but lemme tell u I sometimes look under tables and doors hopen Ashton Kutcher will pop out grung clothing and all SAyen ” SURPRISE HOE WE PUNKED YA ASS! WE GOT U GOOD DIDNT WE?” lol….so far……..Ashton has yet to show up….. When will men ever learn what and who they want? I have a crazy feeling the one who holds on to me tightest will look up one day and see me living the life he wants with sumone else…hmmmm…All i have to say if ur reading this is: CHECK MATE its your move, your call, your decision. Play chest with me or continue to walk the park looking for other players sitting alone on side walks fullof pigeon poop and sun flower seeds < lol how funny i just unknowingly described a scene from the small parks @ the Underground were the poor people sleep in the park and the old men play chest all day with other drunk old men and watch you walk by like meat on a grill lol  the funny thing is its 2 pm and EVERYONE is drunk on a staurday walken around aimlessly looken for sumone to play chest wit lol that one is def for Atlanta Natives lol >

OKay had a moment BUT I wanted to get up and recommend sum quality music to u guys before i start off on my journey into the outside world. MUSIQ SOULCHILD : “SOMEONE” ….WOW i’ve once again fallen in love with his musical talent the guy is a genius!  Youtube the song someone, imeem, itune it wateva u gotta do the cd is great and the song is def bein played at my wedding ..if i make it to that day! CHECK IT OUT AND ENJOY HIS HOME GROWN HONESTY AND FOOD FOR THE SOUL<—HE leaves me stuffed! 🙂

Well off into another day in the life of the pretty, intelligent, akward, imperfect, college girl. This life aint easy but i’d damn sure neva switch places with anyone else…SMILE ITS WEDNESDAY LETS BE PRODUCTIVE!




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