…I confess ImA SUCKA for A BIG EGO…

22 05 2009

New “Ego” video… A little tired of her dancin with two other chicks and tight workout gear BUT it’s BEYONCE she could burp and wear cowboy boots with a leopard one piece and it would HOTT!

“she got evey reason in the world to think she’s that B*tCH!” ENJOY:)


…lAst nite a 17yr old changed my life…

20 05 2009

this girl is young but she is the TRUTH hands down! she inspired me hope she does the same to you…TUNE into brave new voices on HBO if ur a poet u”ll aprreciate it!  I had a friend watch it and he said ” SHES FURIOUS” and i said ” MOST OF US HURT FMELAES ARE…”


…Whos down for a quickie?…

18 05 2009

A quick note folks dang dirty minds! lol Just wanted to stop by runnin crazy but i thought i’d come in and sit wit you!

So word ont he street is DRAKE sold out SOB’s in NYC in a week off of word of mouth and twitter promotion! can u say YES SHAWNY YOU TOLD US HE WAS A LEGEND INT HE MAKING lol wow!!! i found my pics of the concert a few weeks back in Columbus! It was a great nite with the girls minus a little drama lol BUT wats a nite out without a little back talk and rollin of the eyes? lol GEEESHH your twenties are so unpredictable & random i swear!  ANYWHO it was alllll worth it! Check um out!

well im gonna catch up on sum tv one more week before NYC and im enjoyin the lazy life as long as possible!

Before i go im leavin u with a few words:the demand for certainty is a sign of weakness. any coward can find a battle he is sure he can win” go after your dreams no matter how old you are or how hard it may seem!:) ENJOY!


15 05 2009

So i guess i Should explain. I had a friend read my blog and say “WAT IS THIS ABOUT U BEIN OKAY WITH BEIN THE OTHA CHICK?” LOL okay YAB <ROLLIN EYES SUCKIN TEETH AND PUTTIN MY HAND ON MY HIP & LOOKIN AT THE FLOOR> so poetry is poetry not always real life BUT at one point i think EVERY WOMEN comes to a point in a rocky relationship wen she ask herself…


Ladies have u been there before? Wat to do wat to do…. IT s ruff!

Fellas wen did it become okay to ask or assume women wanna share? But who can blame him he never forced this situation and he can only do wat i allow rite? Im gonna blame this lil flub on the Goose it has me feelin loose of course its been the TRON its had me in the zone! I lost my damn mind i suppose and i shared this nigga like those overly rich  ppl shared life boats on the Titanic! ANd damn it ive SUNK!

Im here to say that after much thought and nights on Twitter< FYI follow me @ twitter.com/msmetcalf>I am not okay with having half of someone. I HAVE HAD A CHANGE OF HEART. Kinda like that old as dirt show! Member that dating show wen ppl would go on dates even thou they were in a relationship and then be like DANG i had fun on this one staged date with this one random ass person who put on an act for this random ass camera and so Im gonna say sorry BOYFRIEND but i’ve had a change of heart im gona keep it moven to the nu booty! lol SCANDALOUS huh? IF your to young to remember that show i feel sorry for you cus ppl were looken shocked as hell knowin damn well their relationship was on the outs if they were on that show in the first place lol DONT BELIEVE ME? even GAME  was on the show————>

HOMEBOY WAS CORNY EVEN BACK THEN! LOL  & WHO THE HELL IS JT? lol sorry Game im only a fan of two songs off the top of my head!


i figured out that your 20’s are to figure out the who, wat, wen, and were’s of life and this WHO wasn’t for me and sharen half of something feels almost like haven NUTHEN and so thats not WAT im down with! IM pretty, intelligent, and ambitious enuff to deserve 100% no 50% of a boy shoppen int he mens department of nordstorms with his mommy &  daddy’s paycheck ****OOPS DID I SAY THAT?*** thehehehehe

The breakdown:

 What can i say wen your 23 oneday you want love the next lust black is the new pink until you see purple and then its like DAMN Purple is kinda hott too! LA seems like its great until you see NYC on TV and then it’s cabs n city lights …LIFES just ain’t stable and neither are your judgements. SO BREATH EASY i’ve had a change of heart!:)

Im leavin you with sum SUMMER FEEL GOOD MUSIC.  Start your summer off rite ITS GONNABE A GOOD ONE i can feel it in my sweat from the ARIZONA 103 weather lol I wake up to this song and fall asleep to it! I swear his sayen                   ” SHAWNY WERE YOU AT?” in the begining TRUE STORY that man is sayen my name! LOL  ME N MY SIS are addicted to this man &  YES I WILL HAVE UR BABIES NO QUESTIONS ASKED  MR. SONGZ!  lol



11 05 2009

i love this song & the VIDEO < Prolly becuase DrAke is looken SUPER SEXY :)>

Shout Out to My FuTure HubbY U can do No WRONG draKE lol

ChrISette Michele Got ZERO love from me until this song….SOrry Mrs. MicHele I APOLOGIZE

You wrote a SOng for My SiTuation & I love You FOr iT!

ENJOY! < countin the days until NYC>

…tImes Are A ChaNgIn…

9 05 2009

well well folks the days of aimless dreams and bitter love struck blogs may be a thing of the past… I landed an internship at VIBE MAGAZINE..

!!!the VIBE MAGAZINE !!!magazine_vibe_tupac
by the way this is one of my fav covers… the man was crazy! But most geniuses are!

Im suddenly feelin like its oKay to let go of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that has nothing to do with me being successful. Expect blogs documenting my NYC growth  experience i feel a evolution of some sort about to happen and im estatic! THATS RITE IM BRAND NEW BITC*ES! Old flings are just that now..OLD.. This opportunity has shown me life is full of oppotunities and some people dont deserve 5th and 6th chances. So NYC here i come: SINGLE, READY TO WORK, READY TO PARTY, and READY TO GROW!


One mans trash is anothers treasure which makes ME THINK People shOUld Go thru their TrasH more OFten!:)


5 05 2009

<—sometimes ONE song says it ALL!

Found This on http://www.assocaitedcontent.com and I LOVE IT! Got sum work to do to fullfill this list BUT every mother, sister, and friend should share this:

Every woman should have
……..an old love she can imagine going back to.
……..and one who reminds her how far she has come.
……..enough money within her control to move out, rent a place of her own in case she ever wants to or need to.
……..something perfect to wear if the employer or a date of her dreams wants to see her in a hour.
……..a youth she is content to leave behind.
……..a past juicy enough that she is looking forward to retell in her old age.
……..the realization that she is actually going to have an old age and some money set aside to fund it.
……..a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra.
……..one friend who always makes her laugh, one who lets her cry.
……..a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone in her family.
……..eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, a recipe for a meal that will make her guest feel honored.
……..a resume that not even the slightest padded.
……..a feeling of control over her future.
Every woman should know…….how to quit a job, break up with a boyfriend, and confront a friend without ruining her friendship.
…….when to try harder and when to walk away.
…….how to have a good time at a party she would never have chose to attend.
…….when to try harder and when to walk away.
…….how to ask for what she wants in a way that makes it most likely, she will get it.
…….that she cannot change the length of her calves, the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents.
…….that her childhood may not have been perfect but it is over.
…….what she would or would not do for love or more.
……how to live alone even if she does not like it.
……whom she can trust, whom she cannot and why she should not take it personally.
…….where to go, whether it be her best friends kitchen table, or a charming inn in the woods if her soul needs soothing.
…….what she cannot accomplish in a day, month and a year.
……how to fall in love without losing herself.