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4 05 2009


I have a confession

Over the past 2 years I’ve learned my lesson

And now i understand

That in public i can’t hold your hand

See I once painted pictures that were confusing to blind folks

Told tells of use bein exclusive and to others it was like I was tellin jokes

You see I share you like I did hand me downs back in 95

Like the days wen my and my sis shared the car and use to fight over who would drive

Share you like community bathrooms on dorm room halls

Share you like phone numbers written in stalls

See lemme help you understand

That his not my man

I am the other women and thats okay

That may sound like sum fucked up shit to say

But thats just were we stand today

And i’d rather have half of you than to see all of you walk away

And here they go sayen you derserve betta

Girrrl your sick in the head

He must be the shit in bed

His such a pimp got all of ya”ll on him

But lemme explain I was here before them

But me? Oh.. im smart enuf to understand

That a brick will neva be a rubber band

I will neva try to change you

Strait try to rearrange you

I am here temporarily until your ready

But rite now we’re young and life is unsteady

Somethings may take time  to occur

So bein a number on his team Is now what  I prefer

But its deeper than that

Cus i know what’s under that NY fitted hat

ANd im in love with his ambition

And not just his chevy’s ignition

Cus his car dont mean shit

Cus I was riden before he did anything extra to it

No bass, no paint, no rims it was just transportation

Thats why if he ever looses material things I”ll stay with no hesitation

She prefers the glitz, the shine, and the things that attention may find

Silly her she thinks I’m someone you”ve left behind

Im looken for words to explain

Why id rather die than to not be able to say his name

When did he get so much power of my brain

Cus in 2009 things aint the same

Aint aint like it was wen we met in 07

And you couldn’t tell me that i wasn’t in heaven

So now Im soundin  funny

No longer wana call you honey

In fact thats her job and Im okay with that

Cus I know her ass is fat

And well  mine…it  just sits here

So her body makes you call her dear

Her hair aint curly like mine

She doesn’t rock occasional weaves and that’s fine

Im just that kinda girl who goes with wind

The kinda girl who isnt able to blend

And  she …well she’s the opposite of me

Thats okay she’s something I would neva wana be

She is the typical one that you’ve tried to get to replace me with

But you still come back and I dont think she knows

That we are a situation that will never be closed

And i like it like that

I guess every guy needs his hoodrat

She’s everything Im not

And That’s why you’ve occasionally gotten caught

So what Im bout to say may be unconventianol but I ain’t tryna boast

But bein the other chick is what I now prefer most

I’ve played her part already

that position aint steady

I want you wen your fully ready

And not half way out the door

So NOW I understand what you keep her for


Use to be the only one you were in love wit

But then she let you hit

And we were done wit

Fell in love with her thighs

So wen i look at you I no longer see myself in your eyes

And you would think  I’d get up the energy to walk away

But not today

What can i say

For us i still pray

Call me stupid but Im in love with what we got

The moments I rememebr before he got caught

Made love to his dreams they became mine

Sacrificed so much I’d give him my last dime

its all neva enuf

So now Ive gotten tough

And accepted my position and I finally understand

Why he just can’t be my man

So tell her to chill you”ll be back just as soon as I leave town

And keep convincing her that Im not longer around

Cus I like my role

Bein her took a toll

Now I just block out thoughts of who was here before me last nite

And choose to no longer fight

About situations that Im not around to stop

Puttin in time

Don’t always mean he”ll be mine

So i dont punch clocks of wishful dreams

Accepting second place may be what this seems

But thats just not the case

I just realized the situation that was always in front of my face

Who knows how long i”ll want to play this game

But if it all falls down I’m to blame

One day I’ll walk away and I’m just hoping he grabs my hand

And thanks me for bein able to understand.






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