…tImes Are A ChaNgIn…

9 05 2009

well well folks the days of aimless dreams and bitter love struck blogs may be a thing of the past… I landed an internship at VIBE MAGAZINE..

!!!the VIBE MAGAZINE !!!magazine_vibe_tupac
by the way this is one of my fav covers… the man was crazy! But most geniuses are!

Im suddenly feelin like its oKay to let go of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that has nothing to do with me being successful. Expect blogs documenting my NYC growth  experience i feel a evolution of some sort about to happen and im estatic! THATS RITE IM BRAND NEW BITC*ES! Old flings are just that now..OLD.. This opportunity has shown me life is full of oppotunities and some people dont deserve 5th and 6th chances. So NYC here i come: SINGLE, READY TO WORK, READY TO PARTY, and READY TO GROW!


One mans trash is anothers treasure which makes ME THINK People shOUld Go thru their TrasH more OFten!:)




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