…Whos down for a quickie?…

18 05 2009

A quick note folks dang dirty minds! lol Just wanted to stop by runnin crazy but i thought i’d come in and sit wit you!

So word ont he street is DRAKE sold out SOB’s in NYC in a week off of word of mouth and twitter promotion! can u say YES SHAWNY YOU TOLD US HE WAS A LEGEND INT HE MAKING lol wow!!! i found my pics of the concert a few weeks back in Columbus! It was a great nite with the girls minus a little drama lol BUT wats a nite out without a little back talk and rollin of the eyes? lol GEEESHH your twenties are so unpredictable & random i swear!  ANYWHO it was alllll worth it! Check um out!

well im gonna catch up on sum tv one more week before NYC and im enjoyin the lazy life as long as possible!

Before i go im leavin u with a few words:the demand for certainty is a sign of weakness. any coward can find a battle he is sure he can win” go after your dreams no matter how old you are or how hard it may seem!:) ENJOY!




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