…Hip Hip HorraY!…

31 07 2009

Hip hip HOoRay iT’s FRIDAY! SO glad to be around to see another weekend and to see another FASHION FRIDAY with you guys!!! I’m ready? Are you ready? Alright LEGGGOOO!

So turn around and and reach into that file cabinet under my desk it’s time to add another celeb’s name to the HONORARY ROLE MODEL LIST! Guess who? Well it’s Rocsi from BET’s  106 & Park! I’m more than smitten with the fact that she was open to talk about her battel with anorexia and her hurt feelings from all you joksters that made fun of her ears! ( I told ya”ll about that teasing!) Check out what she had to say….

“I just wanted to be skinny. That’s all I wanted. And it’s hard even now in this industry. God! We go through so much. All the women in this industry, this is so not us guys. When we wake up in the morning, this is not what you see. And it’s even hard with the blogs… Recently I wore my hair in a ponytail and they were talking about my ears. They were like “Keebler Elf” and this that and the other. And you try not to make it hurt, but it hurts and your appearance is everything.

The only reason why I came out. Alot of minority women go through this. I used to think that it was a “white” syndrome. I thought only white people were anorexic or bulimic and I didn’t think that anyone like me or that looked like me would go through this.

Every girl goes through image issues and hopefully Rocsi’s story can help so emone out there. No struggle you go through is in vain share your stories and possibly save a life! GREAT JOB ROCSI KEEP IT UP! 🙂


Hope everyone enjoyed the season premiere of Housewives of ATL  last night! The fight between Anthony and Sheree…PRICELESS! Although he tried to explain himself on local Atlanta radio station’s today he is still hot mess and “party planner” has been since last night.  Anywho peep Kandi’s new join with Rick Ross and Rasheeda! This housewife does more than soccer practice and baking cookies! I don’t live for the chorus but Rasheeda saves it for me! What you think?


NEXT! I’m so sick of hearing about the Mariah and Eminem beef. I feel like Eminem i drowning in the has been pool and Mariah nor NIck shoudl throw hima life saver with responding to his ass. Fo rthe sake of keeping up with the rest of the world here’s Em’s response to Mariah’s “Obsessed” .

SLUT, BITCH, CUNT? BOOOOO! GET UM OUTTA HERE or we could just sit here and watch him drown…


Jeremih finally does something besides “Birthday Sex” !

Not wild about the song but I’m feelin the video so let’s see if he”ll strike Gold again!


Word on the street is Kim K cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye when they were still an item !

AWWW HELL NAWWW! Say it ain’t say homegirl! You know what I won’t believe this one BUT a  SNitCh I mean source from FOX News had this to say about the rumor…

 “Reggie saw text messages on Kim’s phone from Kanye West and flipped out on her,” an insider squealed. “The texts referenced a night they hung out, how much fun he had, how hot Kim was, and more racy things that got Reggie’s imagination running.”

What the EFF you mean? Female’s never get caught this one’s on the WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE scale!


Okay time to hit the road and enjoy the weekend so I’m sending you hugs, french kisses, and FASHION FRIDAY!! ENJOY!:)



Henry Plaid LS by Heirtage1981 $22.90

Henry Plaid LS by Heirtage1981 $22.90


LA fingers by Estevan Oriol $24.00

LA fingers by Estevan Oriol $24.00

The Stealth Mid Watch by KR3W $135.00

The Stealth Mid Watch by KR3W $135.00


The Marina Dress by NYC Boutique $60.00

The Marina Dress by NYC Boutique $60.00

The Hawaii Shirt by Trash and Luxury $44.00

The Hawaii Shirt by Trash and Luxury $44.00

Kakudji by ALDO $125.00

Kakudji by ALDO $125.00


…It Never Rains In SOutherN California…

30 07 2009

YUCK! A rainy day in ATL is more like an all day drizzle! FORGET all that thou becuase I want you to grab some hot cocoa and that throw blanket and talk to me! 🙂

All right LUVS FIRST up on the convo list is one of my favorite shows on the tube … HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA of course!

Another season is gearing up to premiere tonight on BRAVO at 10 pm ! TIVO this ladies cus my girls are bringing in the newest house wife Kandi, ex-Xscape member

I’m hoping Nene can behave and leave my girl Kandi alone because I can’t handle anymore of her dramatic ghetto episodes over jealousy and pure hood tendencies! ENOUGH NENE! Oh my word lost my cool… Alright I’m good.TUNE IN I WANT FEEDBACK TOMORROW!:)


NEXT! Since I’m jumpin in head first today have you all seen the video of Ciara talking about trying out for Diddy’s Making His Band. I honestly feel like she was bored out of her mind and wanted to kill some time. No shade it was cute to see her sing Estella’s “American Boy” acapella < peep how she counts down to herself before she sings “1,2,3 go” who are you counting down for CiCi? lol >! I can’t lie I like Ciara and I’m hoping she get’s it together material wise and gives us classic tunes like the ones she once made with Jazzy Pha back in the day! Check her out being bored in L.A.->


If your half way late like I am on this I woke up today and this video MADE MY DAY! Hope it does the same for you!

NO RAINBOW… BUT THAT’S A BAD BISSSHHHH! GET IT B! GET IT!  That front lace is on tight as hell for her to be swingin the way she does huh? BRAVO! BRAVO! ENCORE! ENCORE! < peep heer southern accent at the end ” TURN THE LIGHTS AWWFF!” lol >


So as if Madonna needs more money she’s going after a callbo with Lil Wayne to hopefully stack more duckets and whirl in the hip hop fan base.

Ummmmm Ms. Donna your gonna have to do more than a duet wit Wayne “Heisthefather” Carter to get my dinero!


So this isn’t NEW MAJOR MUSIC MONDAY but I wanted to serve this to you on my best china from Ikea ( hehehe) . It’s Chris Brown’s ” Shine for Me”. IDK ya”ll this doesn’t floor me it’s just luke warm for me but you be the judge…







So with the mid-tempo news day I feel like I’ve given you all I can and all you need for this lovely POETIC THURSDAY! Instead of posting some one of my fav spoken word pieces that my alter ego MS. COUREY put me onto a few months back. ALthought it’s dramatic try your hardest to follow, listen, and comprehend cus this peace is powerful and needs to be heard! Sometimes we ignore issues in this world out of shame and ignorance. HATS OFF TO THESE LADIES for shoving this in the face of AMERICA!  PEACE, LOVE, and FRENCH KISSES! ENJOY!:)


…hELLO, yoUNg wORLD…

28 07 2009

]So wifi WAS BUGGIN! But a little road block never stops my show! Happy TuesdaY the weekend may have pooped you out or relaxed your nerves but either way…SIT ON DOWN and let me unload  a weekends worth of TEA! 5,4,3,2,1!


First stop is Stephon Marbury and his BOO WHO moment! I’m oh so confused!? Music is powerful especially the gospel when your down! BUT what exactly is going on with mister? Family tell me something cus my heart hates to see grown men break like this!

 I’m a die hard basketball fan ( mostly college ball) but word around the web is Marbury has had a rough career since the Timberwolf’s and after turning down a chance to be with the Celtics many believe he’s  just lost and confused about the turn of his career and future. Whatever it is I’m not throwing shade because we all have hit rock bottom or rough patches and sometimes it’s best to just cry it out… one piece of advice my dude NEXT time  turn off the webcam!  Oh well on the flip side check out Lil Duval’s response to Marbury’s break down HILARIOUS!–>


NEXT! LOSO ‘s c.d. (Loso’s Way) has finally dropped as of today and to feed your anticipation I found this video ( and behind the scenes footage) with Ms. Keri Baby! This is def the perfect gym meets a summer mall afternoon theme song ! Can i get a amen?! Can’t get enuf of it!


Adding to the death toll of power celebrity couple’s gone bad Kim K and Reggie Bush have called it QUITS!

View Image

Bad news for my girl Kim but her publicist had this to say about the break …

“They love each other a lot and hope someday they can make it work. But for now, he starts his football season this week and Kim starts filming season four of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and they just need this time apart.”


So I know I say every song is my favorite song but NO LIE when i heard this song for the first time three months ago I played it on repeat for weeks! The video has finally been released and I couldn’t be happier! Check out ya boy Ricky Ross with Boss Lady—>


Bow Wow stunts again! Posting pics of him and two chicks doin dirty things ! Bow you dirty boy! <OWWWW!>



Our girl toya bounces back with new man James Hardy of the Buffalo Bills! So glad to see her back in the game!

james hardy by coachtomshaw.

Sometimes it takes time but with 3 babies within two years it looks like Wayne would be a downgrade for miss thing!


Ms. MINAJ is everywhere!!!! Go head people JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON! Expect to see her in the upcoming months in Billboard magazine!! Can’t wait to see what she has to say about being  the only female on the AMERICA’S MOST WANTED TOUR with Wayne, Drake, Jeremih, Lil Chuckee, Souljah Boytellum, Mack Maine, *Tyga*, Jae Millz, Gudda, Lil Twist, and BirdMan. Coming to a city near you…



Okay folks enough is enough I must stop before you become over weight and greedy! Grab your phones, flip flops, and chargers before you leave and pick up your THROWBACK TUESDAY joint! In honor of F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S  this one is  an all time fav ( LIL MO WHERE ARE YOU??) and for all my ladies who just wana settle down ! GIRL I FEEL YOU! < insert rolling eyes and half smile> FELLAS act right! ENJOY:)



…What’S better than FASHION on a FRIDAY?…

24 07 2009

TGIF! Folks it’s Friday and I’m ready to start FASHION FRIDAY’s right …….NOW!

Okay so take a seat and check the pic from Hotlantabuzz.com of Jennifer Freeman, Tisha Campbell, and Lauren London with their baby bumps!


 How cute are they? I love how Jennifer Freeman just popped up prego out of now where! < insert cocked head and confused look here>  Best of luck to the ladies on having healthy gorgeous babies! 🙂


NEXT! So I’m a bit tired of reporting on Kelis and Nas mostly cus the situation disgust me! But word is Nastradamus will be paying 44,000 in child support.


That’s a whole lotta shoes, diapers, and bottles! Idk if that’s all necessary BUT as long as this thing ends soon and I’m cool with it!


NEXT! So I guess Solange’s hair cut was a HUGE deal in the Twitter world cus the celebs were goin in for and against Solo’s new do. Don’t believe me? Bow Wow supossedly went in and then turned around today and tried to defend his comments! Check out what he had to say yesterday:


  • @MissDadeCounty u aint stupid! specially if u tryna knock a nigga like me. i need sumn 2 pull on when we doing the grown up thangabout 24 hours ago from web in reply to MissDadeCounty
  • as artist aint we pose 2 stand out from 1 anotha and be creative? so y err female rnb singer falln behind the next wit dis bald shit?about 24 hours ago from web
  • @MissDadeCounty oh shit. gnr im feeln that!about 24 hours ago from web in reply to MissDadeCounty
  • F*** wrong wit all deez chix cuttn they hair wantn to be boyz n shit! yall gotta CUT that out! dnt wanna look at u and u lookn like me gnr
  • Okay so after waking up this morining I guess Bow changed his mind becuase he was quick to say the following:

  • @richierichsod@bowwow614 its crazy how da media twisted yo words n tried 2 make em seem negative, as a human ur entitled 2 have an opinion 30 minutes ago from web
  • @paisleypark4eva i can give a fuk bout the media. dem niggas dnt make me. they stay twistin niggas words. not 1 time did i mention her.
  • <Sigh> Bow how in the hell did they twist your words? Twitter is a public site if you wanted to clarify who you were speaking about then why not Tweet and clarfiy. But hey who cares what I have to say cus Bow had this to say about people like myself:

    @Msfab1988@bowwow614 funny how ur always these bloggerz number 1 target..bloggerz stay on ur dick tell um 2 suck it! 

  • @Rid3rx10@bowwow614 bloggers are fake ass niggas—– EVEN THO U A WHITE BOY.. GNR … ITS ALL LUV THO GNR14 minutes ago from web
  • @AJthesequel@bowwow614 i feel you Bow you clearly said that “if thats what you want to do then do it”..Fuck the media Real Talk
  • Awww Bow WoW no hard feelings. I support you and your music why you so hostile? LoL I still love you sexy! POW! Anywho celebs like LaLa defended Solo by saying:

    • &maybe i am late on the “hair” talk but thats my family..yall gotta understand that..sorry if i missed everything..about 16 hours ago from web
    • sumtimes we put 2much emphasis on the small,unimportant shit in life..treat people kind,give some1 a smile when they need it,b a good personabout 17 hours ago from web
    •     lots of tweets saying peeps giving my sis @solangeknowles shit about her hair????? did i hear that correctly..HAIR! LIVE & LET LIVE MAN

    Like I said yesterday the news and talk was meaningless and I agree if she wants to feel the wind in her scalp let her go head! LET IT GO! BUT celeb Twitters be careful what you type once it’s Twitted it’s a done deal!


    Okay enough of the small talk the NY Post has me FUMING MAD! No one messes with my Beyonce and these peeps have picked a HUGE bone with B! Check out their article accusing Mrs. Carter of lying about writing her own material!


    THE NERVE! I’m waiting for B to respond to this junk but something tells me this is too beneath her to do so. EFF UM GIRL EFF UM!


    NEXT! New music from Jay-Z ft Rihanna and Kanye is all the buzz this AM so of course I have to spill that for you :

    BRAVO! BRAVO! ENCORE! ENCORE! You gotta love that team! Def on repeat tonight on the way into the city!


    Okay it’s gettin late so it’s about that time! FASHION FRIDAY’S is officially goin down…..NOW!








    Zip Boot by Zigi $125.00

    Zip Boot by Zigi $125.00






    Faux Leather Shorts by Forever 21 $22.80

    Faux Leather Shorts by Forever 21 $22.80






    Tank by Brianel Parfum $82.00

    Tank by Brianel Parfum $82.00

    The bOys The BOys I luv ThEm…

    Who's bad tee by Caked $24.00

    Who's bad tee by Caked $24.00



    TK Society Sneaker by Supra $140.00

    TK Society Sneaker by Supra $140.00

    The Self Scientific Jacket by LRG $98.00

    The Self Scientific Jacket by LRG $98.00

    FEWWWW unloading all that heat is exhausting! Pass me that towel n Dasani!  Alrite Luvs time to start the weekend! Live it Up Love yourself and Eachother! ENJOY!:)




    …We Like ThA Cars!…

    23 07 2009

    Aight so I woke up to sunny weather with the song blarin in my head! By far the hottest sample I’ve heard in a long ass time! I had to jump up and post it ASAP for your family because I’m dumb psyched about this sample. Of course Wayne has the hottest luke warm verse but FORGET ALL THAT the sample is NUTS. Okay enuf enuf I”ll let ya”ll be the judge!—->




    Okay so now that I got that heat off my chest WHAT’S UP WORLD?? Another Thursday DAY! The first of many for us!  Today is actually Poetic Thursday! Postin poetry and what not is today’s goal BUT first let’s hit up this news cus boy oh boy luvs do we have a bunch of worthless shit to talk about. ( F.Y.I. It’s a HugE WoRTHLESS NEWS DAY my apologies on behalf of the media).

    That’s right I said worthless, much like Solange’s new haircut—–>solange-bald

    Pure disgust! I love Miss SolANgel’s music but there is a dman line between innovative and drop dead uncalled for fashion NO NO! What happen to my curls? ALL TOGETHER NOW… HATED IT! <Insert two snaps here>


    NEXT! So in my opinion it’s a slow ass news day so to add to the nothingness are the pics of LaLa and Tiny partying it up in ATL the other night. I did hear that Carmello was in town so it’s always nice to see his lady lookin nice and enjoying herself. Although the pic of her and Tiny looks lik a scene from the movie Twins. LoL 





    It’s all in fun I swear! LOL i love them both but it just reminded me of something of rip! NO SHADE i love these two! lol Okay Enough Enough.


    NEXT! So is it a surprise to us that Mel B jacked up her kids hair?! Not a good hair day for anyone huh?


     I’m down for trendsetting with the little one’s as well but these will be pics that little Angel Iris will try and burn before company comes over! Poor thang!


    Well more news has been released on Kelis and baby boy! Here’s  the bizness:

    • Born 7lbs and 13 ounces
    • His name is Knight Jones
    • Born at 2am
    • I stand corrected Kelis may not have been the one to turn away Nas from the delivery room. According to mediatakeout.com the hospital staff turned him away for showing up too drunk to the delivery room. SMH! NASSSSSSSSS your startitn to piss me off if this is true!


    NEXT! So KeKe Wyatt is BACK! After stabbing her husband, Rahmat Morton, five times in December of 2002 the young songstress dropped out of sight and lef tus singing ,”My First Love” for years with no trace of her! Well she made an appearance at Club VICE not long ago and may I say miss thing looks fierce!




    Homegirl may have anger issues but I’m happy to see her back and doing her thang!


    Well folks on one of the slowest days of the week the weekend is almost here! HOLLLDDDD ONNN! I’m leaving you with one of my fav remix’s of the summer on the i-pod. And of course I’m leaving you with a little poetry for your Thursday! Hope it feeds your soul and gets you to the weekend faster! ENJOY!:) 



    If I hear one more thing about a nigga who aint shit
    Ima roll my eyes and respond with “that’s the nigga you choose to fuck wit”
    I mean let’s be real how many times can you hear a complaint
    Before her cries become distant and faint
    I am guilty of once being the team leader
    The complaint feeder
    But I began to annoy myself
    If I had a dollar for every time I said “we need to talk” I’d be living off conversations wealth
    Ladies what do we think the 125th convo will resolve?
    We cry, complain, and scream but yet stay involved?
    I suppose hip hop has trained us to think that’s called bein a rider
    But really your just the complaints provider
    I am guilty of it too
    But why answer text to a nigga who cant pick up the fone and speak to you
    It’s all become clear
    That I complain because you findin better than me is what i fear
    But once and for all I gotta say
    If he aint what you want then why not stay away?
    I’m tired ya”ll
    Women these complaints are our downfall
    Stop the presses
    And pull up your dresses
    Pick up you pants
    Sheets plus pillows plus kisses don’t equal romance
    I don’t claim to know everything
    But I’m livin proof what shattered pieces of your heart will bring
    I know more months after I got my heart broke
    I know more months after the first time we eva spoke
    I am not the same as the forces he still wears
    I am not the same now that I have learned just cus he listens to ur complaints doesn’t mean he cares
    It is like breathing after suffocation
    When you finally realize that complaining is much like masturbation
    You may like the way it feels but your all alone
    Just cus your drunk and you send text thru the fone
    Don’t mean that he gets it more today than he did last nite
    I’m speaking truth because I wish I would have known then
    Wish I would known not to blame them
    I no longer blame men
    For my complaints
    It is not your fault that you still mess with she
    And i still let you fuck wit me
    It is not your fault that you don’t return calls and I take it as you bein corrupt
    So I proceed to send you six crazy text and blow ya fone up
    It is not your fault that I catch you again wit ole girl from the club
    And yet I meet up wit u the same night and tell you im in love
    It is not your fault that we don’t feel the same
    Yet I show up pourin out my heart and say ur to blame
    It’s not your fault that you’d rather not be in a relationship
    But I give you my body anyway and when you call me your ”friend” I get mad and trip
    We are to blame to expect more from someone who always gives you less
    So shut the hell up and give the complaints a rest
    Stop pointing fingers at little boys who know better but are trained to look out for self
    Who are programmed to chase wealth
    There are no excuses for disrespect but you can only be disrespected if you allow yourself to be neglected
    You are the one who should be rejected
    For allowing actions even when bullshit behavior is suspected
    Why complain about situations that remain the same
    We are living the blame game
    Ain’t that a damn shame
    So I don’t feel sorry for you
    Ashley, Brittney, Michelle, and tiffany GET A CLUE

    Written by: Shawny R Metcalf


    …iF youR cool then I’m CooL…

    22 07 2009

    Ever just woke up in one of those chill moods? Like all you wana do is listen to some Maxwell and Anthony Hamilton and sit on a patio some where. Maybe it’s just me but today I wana take things nice …and… slow. Matter fact… JUST PRESS PLAY—>


    AHHHH better already. Now that the mood is set I wanted to start off today by posting DJ DRAMA’s candid story of what really went down the night T.I.’s close friend Philiant was killed. Being that I am a person who also lost a very close friend a year ago my heart broke to see T.I. and the Grand Hustle crew go through so much in the public eye but it was also good to finally hear to story from another point of view. Check it out @ http://vimeo.com/5646909.


    P.S. I love DJ DRAMA everytime I run into him which is four times and counting his super nice and gracious.

    NEXT! Kelis gives birth ! YAYYYYY!


    Can’t help but feel like this kid is about to have swag x’s 1000! According to AllHipHop.com things weren’t so smooth in the delivery room. Nas was reported to have been denied access into the labor room. Dang Nas what did you do? Here’s the article that tells it all…

    “Nas’ lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan stated that Nas rushed to the hospital to witness Kelis deliver his first son today (July 21). A source close to Nas told AllHipHop.com that the Queen’s rapper missed the actual child birth.

    “Nas is in New York City today, anxiously awaiting the arrival of his son. It was his intention to be there for the birth, but unfortunately he has not been allowed to be present,” a source close to the rapper told AllHipHop.com. “While this is clearly heartbreaking to him, Nas continues to offer his support and love to his new baby boy and his mother.”


    Well jumpin from babies to jump off’s…Amber Rose finally speaks. Guess she isn’t mute like I thought she was. I didn’t know trophies could speak but she broke her mold and spoke to Anglea Yee about her hair down their, threesomes, and relationships.

    YUUUCCCKKKIIIEEEE Miss Thing ,” I’m a virgin in the ass.”  Jesus take the wheel this chick is sending me on a spiral. I’m not gonna go in on Ms. Violet I mean Rose but I’m disappointed in Kanye what a downgrade! All together now…S-M-H!


    Okay so I’m gonna step it up a notch with a little Rick Ross ft. Trina. The video for “Face” has officially been released and all I have to say is LADIES did you see Trina’s shoe game in the begining of the video. Still the baddest B*tch! Don’t believe me?—->


    Alrite Alrite pipe down I’m officially giving you your WHAT YOU SAY WEDNESDAY lyrics and I’m happy to say that this goes with my cool, calm, collected mood. Since I’m feelin generous I’ve wrapped up the song in pretty pink and black ribbons for those of you LATE people who have yet to hear it.  Just kiddin Just kiddin I kid I kid! lol This song is def my favorite EVERYTIME I hear it so feel free to sing louder than me when it comes on LOL . Love yourself and love eachother. ENJOY!:)


    We dont have to worry bout no money to have us a real good time
    And we dont have to leave in the morning the whole day just you and I
    And it dont have to get any better it’s perfect you in my life
    If you’re cool, then I’m cool then we’re cool

    We dont have to worry bout no groceries we can fill up on love alone
    If we aint got enogh for a movie we can jus sit at home
    Have a lil role play baby wat ever turns you on
    If you’re cool, then I’m cool and we’re cool
    If you’re cool, then I’m cool then we’re cool
    Quit your worrin baby(oh, oh, oh)
    Quit your worryin girl(you dont have to worry no more)
    Quit your cryin lady(gone head and cry)
    We can conquer the world.

    Pack a lil lunch for the evenin
    Let me hold you tight
    Dont be worried bout no problems believe me
    Everything’s gonna be alright
    We can shoot for the moon watch some cartoons
    Wat ever makes you smile
    If you’re cool, then I’m cool then we’re cool
    If you’re cool, then I’m cool then we’re cool
    Quit your worryin baby(oh u can 4 get about the prob now)
    Quit your worryin girl
    Quit your cryin lady
    We can conquier the world

    Dnt worry girl dnt worry girl dnt worry oh you ant neva got 2 worry bout a thing baby
    Oh no
    Were all right (were all roght) hold on hold on
    Dont worry
    Ohh for get about the probs in the past
    Dont let em cry u out baby
    We can conquer the world we can conquier the world

    …Throw It Back Girl Throw It bAcK GIRL!…

    21 07 2009

    Happy Tuesday Folks! IT’S ANOTHER THROWBACK TUESDAY!!!!!! Lots and lots of news and music today that I’m pressed to spill for you so take your normal seat and kick up ya feet. Hold up take those shoes off this table and couch are a rental. Ahhhh okay okay leggoo!

    So all the boys are googoo gaga over Keri Hilson but sorry fellas looks like our girl has been a wifed up for some time with a young man by the name of Errol. Oh so you wana call my bluff? Well check the two out cakin and smiling in candid pics!—–>keri-hilson-and-errol 

    keri-errol-3 Well well his not who I pictured for Ms. Keri Baby but I’m happy to see that love came around and knocked her down.


    So the Chris Brown apology is collecting it’s ten cents from everyone and their mama but set your Tivo folks cus Chris Brown is set to make an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show.


    According to mediatakout.com there is a current tug of war over what will and will not be discussed (i.e. the specifics of what happened the night of the fight with Rhianna). I can’t wiat to see how Oprah takes this one on mostley because it’s been a while since she’s shown the hip hop community any love!


    NEXT! So should we say goodbye to another hip hop couple?


    After days of rumors  that JD and Janet have called it quits JD continues to deny that the two have split.  I’m crossin my fingers for these two mainly because I love Janet and JD  always looks like his in that Musiq and Luther Vandorss type love.


    NEXT! Enuf about love and more about the Jackson’s. Sources have released information regarding the casket at the funeral. According to close sources Michael Jackson’s body was not in the casket during the funeral in Los Angeles at the Staples. He was said to have already been buried by the time the memorial began. Well glad to see things were done the way the family wanted and I’m hoping we can let MJ rest and continue respecting his music as well as his legacy. 


    Okay well the time has come for me to wrap things up on this hump day. ( hehehe get it? aww forget it!) But before I go I wanted to drop of a package with Chris Breezy’s unreleased song ABC’s and of course before i forget I’m also given you the THROWBACK  of the day along with a pic of the throwback artist who happens to be “with child” . Can you guess who it is?   HAPPY THROWBACK TURESDAY! Helpin you all get thru the week is my goal FAMILY so as always…ENJOY:)

       P.S. this use to be my jam on Saturday’s when my mom use to make me clean the bathroom LOL am i the only one?5900_1092993841597_1129050072_30212038_6893268_n