.it was all a dream i USE 2 read VIBE MAGAZINE.

2 07 2009

I never really gave a fuck about Dr. Suess. Who the fuck was he to me? I don’t remember that dude payin none of my co-pay’s or prescribing me a lifetime supply of FLINTSTONE vitamins, he woulda been my nigga if he coulda did that.

I was born a product of hip hop. I’ve said this before and I”ll say it again, my folks met in a bar in LA at a gong show. My dad was lookin for an exotic mami with wavy long hair and as fly as Foxy Brown and my mom was lookin for a dude as dope as L.L. but as talented as Curtis Blow. BAM! The rest is history. They danced all night to Lisa Lisa and years later my dad would have to leave his position as opening act for the Raisin Hell Tour with RUN DMC, L.L., THE FAT BOYS, and many more to see me born. His third born was a product of hip-hop.

Which explains why I never fucked with Dr. Suess. I didn’t know that nigga. I knew Tupac, Biggie, SWV, MC HAMMER, TLC, MC BREED…I knew hip-hop. I was born into a genre that took in many but only favored few.

I grew up with 8 x 10 VIBE magazines on a coffee table in the middle of my living room.Those were the magazines for company but really they were like comic books to me because it told stories of people I only saw on t.v. This isn’t fabricated nor is it something I had time to create. My story is real and the truth is while ya”ll were reading Hooked on Phonics I was reading VIBE Magazine. I read articles with Tupac speaking from jail on his rape allegations at age nine. I was reading Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes confession regarding her burn down, i mean melt down, with Andre Rison at age eleven. These stories a priceless and vital parts of hip-hop history . Those are people we can’t get back but a piece of them are in th epages of one magazine.

I came in that day June 30,2009, and saw art work, magazines, and photos; my love affair with hip hop was all over the floor. It looked like I had just had a blow out fight with hip-hop and put him out on his ass. There was all his belongings scattered all over the building. Me and hip-hop were obviously going through a separation. First MJ passed, Tupac, B.I.G., Aaliyah, Left Eye, Jam Master Jay, now VIBE. Maybe hip-hop was mad at me , mad at us. His heard to many lies, to much trash, to many fakes, and sometimes let’s be fair…we cheat on him. Talk shit about him and then expect him to still pump out a future for us.

So there I stood balling my eyes to the Editor in Chief, Danyel Smith, thanking her on behalf of my dad, my childhood, my community , and hip-hop. She will never know how much it meant to tell her that to her face and not form some random email or bogus letter. She worked so hard to make love to her “boyfriend” and now she was going through a separation herself. What an icon to take on representing an entire movement and genre with class. I can only take from her the responsibility to continue to represent a brand that she has lost many nights of sleep for so that a little girl in Atlanta could read VIBE in her all white living room.

I said goodbye to my boss aka HBIC aka Assistant to the Editor in Chief,Shirea Carroll, and I hated to part so soon. Dang, if she only knew how much I looked up to her. She was only a few years older than me so when she spoke to me it was like hearing the voice of my big sisters all the way from Michigan, only instead of telling me to “Clean that bathroom before Daddy gets home.” She was telling me, ” I need it done by five and you really need to proofread and spell runnin with an “in” and not a “en” .” To see someone who worked their way to the top out of pure drive be left with framed artwork and boxes makes you wana choke on every ungrateful thing you’ve ever said.

Eight strangers. Eight Interns. Eight kids with a dream. Shirea took us and molded us into a family without ever knowing it. She pushed us harder than I’ve ever been pushed and she was right some days …we cried. It helped to have a until who loved each other so much and Aaron, Chiderah, Bene, Bissy, Dan, Terron, and Zaria will forever be the only eight who understand. They walked out the building unsure, scared, and disappointed just like me. So here we go back to our home towns only to explain the story 1,289 times without getting an attitude after the 453 time. Just like me they have taken a few days to get over the separation and one day will be able to look back and explain how deadlines for TWITTER, articles for PULSE, transcriptions until 4 am, photo shoots that the staff never knew about until 2 am, staff disagreements, JUICY and WEIRD news surfing, and walking in the rain for a cake, balloons, and a card in a strange city with only one hour and $60 made them who they are today.

This story could go on for pages but it won’t. This is much like when you learn to ride a bike and you get pissed when you fall. Blow the red skid mark and stick a Barbie band-aid on it and in the words of Ms. Carroll “DRINK SOME PRUNE JUICE AND LET THE SHIT GO!”

So with that homies I’m done talking about VIBE and telling “what had happenin was..”stories for now. If you know me you know I’ve over come bigger heart breaks than this one.In this horrible break up all I’m asking is, when will we make up? When will the apologizes start to flow? When will we seek counseling, send flowers,throw on the R Kelly and try it again? Let’s start by clapping off the lights, lighting the 99 cents inscents, writing real shit, recording quality music, supporting live shows, and playin a little Tupac on repeat …he always liked that.




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