Get in here! It’s a Minaj-a-tuesday!

15 07 2009

Another dollar another day. Happy Throwback Tuesday peeps! Hoping everyone is being productive and pissin their haters off over time today!

Slow news day. Slow personal day. BUT I’m excited about TINY & TOYA tonight. No matter how ghetto they may be they have a show on BET that slightly entertains me for 30 minutes so wateva! <rollin my eyes n suckin my teeth>

In other news I’m dumb excited today to post this video! If anyone knows me they know I’ma hands down die hard Nicki Minaj fan so you know I loved seein her shut Maino the hell up on youtube!  Some say theres a love connection I wouldn’t go that far but I would say I was loven her repeating,”Tone that cockiness down!” LOL  Not sure about Maino talkin dirty  it felt like ya uncle talkin about the strip club LOL AKWAARRD! In true HBIC style she runs shit! Don’t believe me?…

Gotta love her and her flow. Hoping to see her  Thursday here in ATL @ La Ramba if you got the hook up on the tickets or VIP let a pretty girl know! 🙂 Make sure you show her love becuase i predict in three years this chick will have us all rockin HARAJUKI BARBIE tees, Fake NY accents, and false lashes!

Well luvs I’m on the run still tryna tie soethings down but before i dip I have to start the THROWBACK TUESDAY tradition and leave you with a classic from another chick who use to run the game just as well as Nicki! Hope you enjoy and if you see this chick in the streets tell her I want the old her back! I want green wigs, juciy lip glosss, fake beauty marks, and a hard core don’t give a fuck flow back NOOOOWWWW! ENJOY!





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