Blame it on the AAAAAA ATL Traffic!

17 07 2009

It’s a rainy day in GA.

A great day for apologies. I’m sending mine to you for missing a post yesterday but I missed for a good damn reason! Blame it on the AAAAAA ATL traffic < grinding my teeth> OR you can blame it on the Nicki Minaj show at La Rumba last night! Def worth the missed post.

After breaking my neck to get to the venue on time I was able to squeeze by every fresh off the teen boat female  and barely legal skinny jean wearin boy to see the show from V.I.P. For those of you we didn’t get her Barbie beam and missed the show I got a few half decent pics just… for …you! Now family excuse my camera phone and the unneccessary amount of MALES on the stage and focus mainly on miss Nicki rockin a black and white strip nylon shirt, white sunglasses, and long hot pink and black hair! Can we say HOTT? OUCH! —–>


What Had Happened Was: Nicki hit the stage around 1 or 1:30 a.m. and after hearing every ATL throwback( i.e. Pastor Troy ” Pop that P*ssy”, Baby D “ATL”, and the 90’s hit “Shorty Swing My way”)  I was more than ready for the show to start. When Nicki finally hit the stage imagine my surprise to see the sold out crowd made up of people who like myself browsed the internet and bumped into Yung Money’s new Golden Princess and sidekick outta no where and fell in love. Personally she is to me what Lil Kim use to be to the rap game and to see her grow into selling out clubs and bars almost brought a tear to my MAC mascara dressed eyes! < *sniffle>Lyric by lyric we repeated rehearsed lines with the tiny unsigned lyricist and in between songs she stole our hearts with requesting that we yell out our colleges and majors because  according to her, ” I love college girls. Your a bad bitch if your in school aand takin care of your business. So where my college girls at?”  At this point I’m almost horse and couldn’t help but think awwww Nicki  Minaj loves the kids! And the kids loved Nicki Minaj. Verse by verse it was an honor to witness the pink lip stick wearin spandex sportin chinese bang rockin rapper take over the south with the simple words of ,”Yung Money Baaaabbbyy!” I could go on for pages about miss thing but I will wrap it up with saying that I got to meet and interview her after the show and she was humble, genuine, and professional, all the makings of a true superstar. Look for the interview  with her to soon be posted  on!


Alrite folks NEXT! So I feel like over compensating today since I left you guys out in the cold trying to catch up with Miss Minaj so I’m about to serve you up quick and good…just the way you like it right?< Insert *wink* here>

Up first word on the street is JoJo Simmons from Run’s House was sentenced to one day of community service after being arrested on posession of marijuana a few months back.


Although there is talk about this son of rap royalty,REV RUN , being robbed two months ago here in ATL BUT I’d like to tell the world to leave my JoJo alone! Don’t act like you never had a puff, rebellious streak, or dumb ass “why did I do that shit?” moment. Let the man grow up! With that said…what I am gonan do is suggest him hiring someone to buy his weed from now on cus that’s a horrible rep to walk around with! LOL It’s all in love JoJo.


NEXT! So….. <akward pause and scratch of the head> did anyone else see the video of NeYo crying ?

Reports say that he was upset due to a sore throat and frustration from not being able to preform at the best of his ability after getting sick. I hate to see a grown man cry. <Shakin My Head> Feel better NeYo we all have our days boo.



Today is FASHION FRIDAY!!! I woke up amped to report new trends, gear, and what not BUT first I have to show you with ole girl is rockin——>


Must be nice to sport this to the club, grocery store, and gym. Tiny received this ring at her birthday party at Luckie Lounge here in Atlanta a few nights ago. While enjoying her bash she was handed this ring, which is her third engagment ring by the way, by LiL Duval as a birthday gift from her longtime boyfriend T.I. AWWWWW can’t say I’m not hatin but it’s good to see love out live tribulation. Can’t wait to see him give “I do’s” and less rings! C’mon Tip she’s proved by now she’s a ride or die type chick!


Alrite folks so I’m wrapping up with FASHION FRIDAY’s debut !

 I hope you enjoy some of the pieces I’m highlighting today. Just a few items that are end of the summer must haves to send you off into Fall rockin rare and ready pieces! In the words of Drake “Thank Me Later.” 


Metallic Leggings by Factory Girl $32.00

Metallic Leggings by Factory Girl $32.00Naughty MoNkEy by THE MetAL MamA $55.00Dicso Balmain Dress. Price unknown.

Disco Balmain Dress. Price Unknown

Disco Balmain Dress. Price Unknown

Naughty MonKey by The Metal Mama $55

Naughty MonKey by The Metal Mama $55


Crooks N Castles Jacket. $106.00

Crooks N Castles Jacket. $106.00

The Cuban (Gray Wool). SUPRA. $78.00

The Cuban (Gray Wool). SUPRA. $78.00

The Liberal Tee by Alphanumeric $24.00

The Liberal Tee by Alphanumeric $24.00











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