20 07 2009

 Yo it’s NEW MAJOR MUSIC MONDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite part of a Monday is officially goin down now ! SO LET”S GET IT < best Jeezy voice>. 🙂

Hopin your weekend was excellent luv’s! Glad to see you up,walkin around, breathin, laughin, gettin money! Speaking of money I wanna start of with the money/career saving apology Chris Brown did today on radio stations and sites around the globe. Missed it? No worries family i picked this up for you on the way in…

DANNNNG boo boo  he sounds like his reading an apology for breaking curfew and his momma made him write this to get off punishment. LOL Ok on a serious note my heart hurts for this youngin… his just a kid! Truth be told we all know domestic violence is happening in relationships involving  young people aroudn the world and I respect him for speaking up on the issue and admitting he was wrong. ” DAT RITE THERE IS A REAL MAN!”  lol  Ladies and gentlemen I think we just saw Chris Breezy grow up on Youtube. My thoughts on Chris Breezy and Rhianna getting physical are irrelevant mostly because I, like most of you, missed the ride to get in the car an witness the incident so I can’t say much not knowing the whole story! YA DIG!? So remember that when your putting you two cents in at the beauty shop! BUT i’m gonna ask that we listen to his apology which sounded sincere and heart felt and remind ourselves that we were once young and in love and in relationships that may have mirrored a nightmare situation like theirs, mistakes happen. So take off your judgemental “Parada” glasses and chillax! Let the boy dance, sing, and take you down damn it!


NEXT! So I told you all to expect the Niki Minaj appearnced and interview to be posted to ATL peaches.com soon but if you haven’t madfe your way to the site yet check out her performance and interview I did ( which is the last 3 to 4 minutes of the clip) at La Rumba last week here in ATL.

That’s a bad bittttcc ( shut yo mouth!). Make sure to visit the site ATLpeaches.com for more to come!



NEXT! Diddy showed off in Central Park with Dawn and Kaleena aka “Dirty Money” and his “secret” girlfriend Cassie and played some music from soon to come c.d. “Last Train to Paris”.  Although you can’t hear much it’s funny to see Dawn and Kaleena dancing in the zone, Diddy try to put on a mini concert, and Cassie zoned out completely akwardly thinking about God knows what inthe back seat. Oh to a be a fly on the wall when these crew gets together!



Okay so I’m itchin to get to New Major Music Monday music so I’m gonna wrap things up with the last two sotries that I like to call … BOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYY STOOOOOOPPPPPP!

  1. So I’m guessing Que is on the last train to Paris with Diddy and this new hair style—->


 My man is sportin blonde on the side’s of both of his head and you know what? I think that it’s kinda HOT! Dare to be different Que but don’t take it any further. What ya”ll think?

2. So word around town is Bobby Valentino is feeling the recession too and selling his c.d.’s in the praking lot of hotel’s for $10 and an autograph!


 Gesh Bobby you coulda told us you were down bad we woulda have downloaded you from i-tunes instead of bootlegging! I actually bought his last c.d. “Rebirth” and loved it so I’m sad to see BV selling his work for $10 on the streets. SMH do me a favore and if you see him out there family go ahead and support him cus in the words of Jay-Z “This can’t be life!”



Alrite alrite so I’m toppin you off today cus I’ve held back ALLLLL week! We’re gonna kick things off with a little Albe Back ft. Fabolous ( new for those south of VA. *MEXICANA’S*, PUERTO RICANS, SPANISH, and DOMINICANS STAND UP!), Drake (it’s only right he pumps out the hits weekly), F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S ft. Drake,  Lil Ru and I’m highlighting one unsigned artist a week so this weeks joint is from an artist  that goes by the name of Tommy “Two”. If I missed you joint lemme know I”ll get you next week! So LEGGGGGOOOOOO!  Hugs and French Kisses luvs i do this for you!:) ENJOY!




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