…Throw It Back Girl Throw It bAcK GIRL!…

21 07 2009

Happy Tuesday Folks! IT’S ANOTHER THROWBACK TUESDAY!!!!!! Lots and lots of news and music today that I’m pressed to spill for you so take your normal seat and kick up ya feet. Hold up take those shoes off this table and couch are a rental. Ahhhh okay okay leggoo!

So all the boys are googoo gaga over Keri Hilson but sorry fellas looks like our girl has been a wifed up for some time with a young man by the name of Errol. Oh so you wana call my bluff? Well check the two out cakin and smiling in candid pics!—–>keri-hilson-and-errol 

keri-errol-3 Well well his not who I pictured for Ms. Keri Baby but I’m happy to see that love came around and knocked her down.


So the Chris Brown apology is collecting it’s ten cents from everyone and their mama but set your Tivo folks cus Chris Brown is set to make an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show.


According to mediatakout.com there is a current tug of war over what will and will not be discussed (i.e. the specifics of what happened the night of the fight with Rhianna). I can’t wiat to see how Oprah takes this one on mostley because it’s been a while since she’s shown the hip hop community any love!


NEXT! So should we say goodbye to another hip hop couple?


After days of rumors  that JD and Janet have called it quits JD continues to deny that the two have split.  I’m crossin my fingers for these two mainly because I love Janet and JD  always looks like his in that Musiq and Luther Vandorss type love.


NEXT! Enuf about love and more about the Jackson’s. Sources have released information regarding the casket at the funeral. According to close sources Michael Jackson’s body was not in the casket during the funeral in Los Angeles at the Staples. He was said to have already been buried by the time the memorial began. Well glad to see things were done the way the family wanted and I’m hoping we can let MJ rest and continue respecting his music as well as his legacy. 


Okay well the time has come for me to wrap things up on this hump day. ( hehehe get it? aww forget it!) But before I go I wanted to drop of a package with Chris Breezy’s unreleased song ABC’s and of course before i forget I’m also given you the THROWBACK  of the day along with a pic of the throwback artist who happens to be “with child” . Can you guess who it is?   HAPPY THROWBACK TURESDAY! Helpin you all get thru the week is my goal FAMILY so as always…ENJOY:)

   P.S. this use to be my jam on Saturday’s when my mom use to make me clean the bathroom LOL am i the only one?5900_1092993841597_1129050072_30212038_6893268_n





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