…We Like ThA Cars!…

23 07 2009

Aight so I woke up to sunny weather with the song blarin in my head! By far the hottest sample I’ve heard in a long ass time! I had to jump up and post it ASAP for your family because I’m dumb psyched about this sample. Of course Wayne has the hottest luke warm verse but FORGET ALL THAT the sample is NUTS. Okay enuf enuf I”ll let ya”ll be the judge!—->




Okay so now that I got that heat off my chest WHAT’S UP WORLD?? Another Thursday DAY! The first of many for us!  Today is actually Poetic Thursday! Postin poetry and what not is today’s goal BUT first let’s hit up this news cus boy oh boy luvs do we have a bunch of worthless shit to talk about. ( F.Y.I. It’s a HugE WoRTHLESS NEWS DAY my apologies on behalf of the media).

That’s right I said worthless, much like Solange’s new haircut—–>solange-bald

Pure disgust! I love Miss SolANgel’s music but there is a dman line between innovative and drop dead uncalled for fashion NO NO! What happen to my curls? ALL TOGETHER NOW… HATED IT! <Insert two snaps here>


NEXT! So in my opinion it’s a slow ass news day so to add to the nothingness are the pics of LaLa and Tiny partying it up in ATL the other night. I did hear that Carmello was in town so it’s always nice to see his lady lookin nice and enjoying herself. Although the pic of her and Tiny looks lik a scene from the movie Twins. LoL 





It’s all in fun I swear! LOL i love them both but it just reminded me of something of rip! NO SHADE i love these two! lol Okay Enough Enough.


NEXT! So is it a surprise to us that Mel B jacked up her kids hair?! Not a good hair day for anyone huh?


 I’m down for trendsetting with the little one’s as well but these will be pics that little Angel Iris will try and burn before company comes over! Poor thang!


Well more news has been released on Kelis and baby boy! Here’s  the bizness:

  • Born 7lbs and 13 ounces
  • His name is Knight Jones
  • Born at 2am
  • I stand corrected Kelis may not have been the one to turn away Nas from the delivery room. According to mediatakeout.com the hospital staff turned him away for showing up too drunk to the delivery room. SMH! NASSSSSSSSS your startitn to piss me off if this is true!


NEXT! So KeKe Wyatt is BACK! After stabbing her husband, Rahmat Morton, five times in December of 2002 the young songstress dropped out of sight and lef tus singing ,”My First Love” for years with no trace of her! Well she made an appearance at Club VICE not long ago and may I say miss thing looks fierce!




Homegirl may have anger issues but I’m happy to see her back and doing her thang!


Well folks on one of the slowest days of the week the weekend is almost here! HOLLLDDDD ONNN! I’m leaving you with one of my fav remix’s of the summer on the i-pod. And of course I’m leaving you with a little poetry for your Thursday! Hope it feeds your soul and gets you to the weekend faster! ENJOY!:) 



If I hear one more thing about a nigga who aint shit
Ima roll my eyes and respond with “that’s the nigga you choose to fuck wit”
I mean let’s be real how many times can you hear a complaint
Before her cries become distant and faint
I am guilty of once being the team leader
The complaint feeder
But I began to annoy myself
If I had a dollar for every time I said “we need to talk” I’d be living off conversations wealth
Ladies what do we think the 125th convo will resolve?
We cry, complain, and scream but yet stay involved?
I suppose hip hop has trained us to think that’s called bein a rider
But really your just the complaints provider
I am guilty of it too
But why answer text to a nigga who cant pick up the fone and speak to you
It’s all become clear
That I complain because you findin better than me is what i fear
But once and for all I gotta say
If he aint what you want then why not stay away?
I’m tired ya”ll
Women these complaints are our downfall
Stop the presses
And pull up your dresses
Pick up you pants
Sheets plus pillows plus kisses don’t equal romance
I don’t claim to know everything
But I’m livin proof what shattered pieces of your heart will bring
I know more months after I got my heart broke
I know more months after the first time we eva spoke
I am not the same as the forces he still wears
I am not the same now that I have learned just cus he listens to ur complaints doesn’t mean he cares
It is like breathing after suffocation
When you finally realize that complaining is much like masturbation
You may like the way it feels but your all alone
Just cus your drunk and you send text thru the fone
Don’t mean that he gets it more today than he did last nite
I’m speaking truth because I wish I would have known then
Wish I would known not to blame them
I no longer blame men
For my complaints
It is not your fault that you still mess with she
And i still let you fuck wit me
It is not your fault that you don’t return calls and I take it as you bein corrupt
So I proceed to send you six crazy text and blow ya fone up
It is not your fault that I catch you again wit ole girl from the club
And yet I meet up wit u the same night and tell you im in love
It is not your fault that we don’t feel the same
Yet I show up pourin out my heart and say ur to blame
It’s not your fault that you’d rather not be in a relationship
But I give you my body anyway and when you call me your ”friend” I get mad and trip
We are to blame to expect more from someone who always gives you less
So shut the hell up and give the complaints a rest
Stop pointing fingers at little boys who know better but are trained to look out for self
Who are programmed to chase wealth
There are no excuses for disrespect but you can only be disrespected if you allow yourself to be neglected
You are the one who should be rejected
For allowing actions even when bullshit behavior is suspected
Why complain about situations that remain the same
We are living the blame game
Ain’t that a damn shame
So I don’t feel sorry for you
Ashley, Brittney, Michelle, and tiffany GET A CLUE

Written by: Shawny R Metcalf





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