…What’S better than FASHION on a FRIDAY?…

24 07 2009

TGIF! Folks it’s Friday and I’m ready to start FASHION FRIDAY’s right …….NOW!

Okay so take a seat and check the pic from Hotlantabuzz.com of Jennifer Freeman, Tisha Campbell, and Lauren London with their baby bumps!


 How cute are they? I love how Jennifer Freeman just popped up prego out of now where! < insert cocked head and confused look here>  Best of luck to the ladies on having healthy gorgeous babies! 🙂


NEXT! So I’m a bit tired of reporting on Kelis and Nas mostly cus the situation disgust me! But word is Nastradamus will be paying 44,000 in child support.


That’s a whole lotta shoes, diapers, and bottles! Idk if that’s all necessary BUT as long as this thing ends soon and I’m cool with it!


NEXT! So I guess Solange’s hair cut was a HUGE deal in the Twitter world cus the celebs were goin in for and against Solo’s new do. Don’t believe me? Bow Wow supossedly went in and then turned around today and tried to defend his comments! Check out what he had to say yesterday:


  • @MissDadeCounty u aint stupid! specially if u tryna knock a nigga like me. i need sumn 2 pull on when we doing the grown up thangabout 24 hours ago from web in reply to MissDadeCounty
  • as artist aint we pose 2 stand out from 1 anotha and be creative? so y err female rnb singer falln behind the next wit dis bald shit?about 24 hours ago from web
  • @MissDadeCounty oh shit. gnr im feeln that!about 24 hours ago from web in reply to MissDadeCounty
  • F*** wrong wit all deez chix cuttn they hair wantn to be boyz n shit! yall gotta CUT that out! dnt wanna look at u and u lookn like me gnr
  • Okay so after waking up this morining I guess Bow changed his mind becuase he was quick to say the following:

  • @richierichsod@bowwow614 its crazy how da media twisted yo words n tried 2 make em seem negative, as a human ur entitled 2 have an opinion 30 minutes ago from web
  • @paisleypark4eva i can give a fuk bout the media. dem niggas dnt make me. they stay twistin niggas words. not 1 time did i mention her.
  • <Sigh> Bow how in the hell did they twist your words? Twitter is a public site if you wanted to clarify who you were speaking about then why not Tweet and clarfiy. But hey who cares what I have to say cus Bow had this to say about people like myself:

    @Msfab1988@bowwow614 funny how ur always these bloggerz number 1 target..bloggerz stay on ur dick tell um 2 suck it! 

  • @Rid3rx10@bowwow614 bloggers are fake ass niggas—– EVEN THO U A WHITE BOY.. GNR … ITS ALL LUV THO GNR14 minutes ago from web
  • @AJthesequel@bowwow614 i feel you Bow you clearly said that “if thats what you want to do then do it”..Fuck the media Real Talk
  • Awww Bow WoW no hard feelings. I support you and your music why you so hostile? LoL I still love you sexy! POW! Anywho celebs like LaLa defended Solo by saying:

    • &maybe i am late on the “hair” talk but thats my family..yall gotta understand that..sorry if i missed everything..about 16 hours ago from web
    • sumtimes we put 2much emphasis on the small,unimportant shit in life..treat people kind,give some1 a smile when they need it,b a good personabout 17 hours ago from web
    •     lots of tweets saying peeps giving my sis @solangeknowles shit about her hair????? did i hear that correctly..HAIR! LIVE & LET LIVE MAN

    Like I said yesterday the news and talk was meaningless and I agree if she wants to feel the wind in her scalp let her go head! LET IT GO! BUT celeb Twitters be careful what you type once it’s Twitted it’s a done deal!


    Okay enough of the small talk the NY Post has me FUMING MAD! No one messes with my Beyonce and these peeps have picked a HUGE bone with B! Check out their article accusing Mrs. Carter of lying about writing her own material!


    THE NERVE! I’m waiting for B to respond to this junk but something tells me this is too beneath her to do so. EFF UM GIRL EFF UM!


    NEXT! New music from Jay-Z ft Rihanna and Kanye is all the buzz this AM so of course I have to spill that for you :

    BRAVO! BRAVO! ENCORE! ENCORE! You gotta love that team! Def on repeat tonight on the way into the city!


    Okay it’s gettin late so it’s about that time! FASHION FRIDAY’S is officially goin down…..NOW!








    Zip Boot by Zigi $125.00

    Zip Boot by Zigi $125.00






    Faux Leather Shorts by Forever 21 $22.80

    Faux Leather Shorts by Forever 21 $22.80






    Tank by Brianel Parfum $82.00

    Tank by Brianel Parfum $82.00

    The bOys The BOys I luv ThEm…

    Who's bad tee by Caked $24.00

    Who's bad tee by Caked $24.00



    TK Society Sneaker by Supra $140.00

    TK Society Sneaker by Supra $140.00

    The Self Scientific Jacket by LRG $98.00

    The Self Scientific Jacket by LRG $98.00

    FEWWWW unloading all that heat is exhausting! Pass me that towel n Dasani!  Alrite Luvs time to start the weekend! Live it Up Love yourself and Eachother! ENJOY!:)







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