…Hip Hip HorraY!…

31 07 2009

Hip hip HOoRay iT’s FRIDAY! SO glad to be around to see another weekend and to see another FASHION FRIDAY with you guys!!! I’m ready? Are you ready? Alright LEGGGOOO!

So turn around and and reach into that file cabinet under my desk it’s time to add another celeb’s name to the HONORARY ROLE MODEL LIST! Guess who? Well it’s Rocsi from BET’s  106 & Park! I’m more than smitten with the fact that she was open to talk about her battel with anorexia and her hurt feelings from all you joksters that made fun of her ears! ( I told ya”ll about that teasing!) Check out what she had to say….

“I just wanted to be skinny. That’s all I wanted. And it’s hard even now in this industry. God! We go through so much. All the women in this industry, this is so not us guys. When we wake up in the morning, this is not what you see. And it’s even hard with the blogs… Recently I wore my hair in a ponytail and they were talking about my ears. They were like “Keebler Elf” and this that and the other. And you try not to make it hurt, but it hurts and your appearance is everything.

The only reason why I came out. Alot of minority women go through this. I used to think that it was a “white” syndrome. I thought only white people were anorexic or bulimic and I didn’t think that anyone like me or that looked like me would go through this.

Every girl goes through image issues and hopefully Rocsi’s story can help so emone out there. No struggle you go through is in vain share your stories and possibly save a life! GREAT JOB ROCSI KEEP IT UP! 🙂


Hope everyone enjoyed the season premiere of Housewives of ATL  last night! The fight between Anthony and Sheree…PRICELESS! Although he tried to explain himself on local Atlanta radio station’s today he is still hot mess and “party planner” has been since last night.  Anywho peep Kandi’s new join with Rick Ross and Rasheeda! This housewife does more than soccer practice and baking cookies! I don’t live for the chorus but Rasheeda saves it for me! What you think?


NEXT! I’m so sick of hearing about the Mariah and Eminem beef. I feel like Eminem i drowning in the has been pool and Mariah nor NIck shoudl throw hima life saver with responding to his ass. Fo rthe sake of keeping up with the rest of the world here’s Em’s response to Mariah’s “Obsessed” .

SLUT, BITCH, CUNT? BOOOOO! GET UM OUTTA HERE or we could just sit here and watch him drown…


Jeremih finally does something besides “Birthday Sex” !

Not wild about the song but I’m feelin the video so let’s see if he”ll strike Gold again!


Word on the street is Kim K cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye when they were still an item !

AWWW HELL NAWWW! Say it ain’t say homegirl! You know what I won’t believe this one BUT a  SNitCh I mean source from FOX News had this to say about the rumor…

 “Reggie saw text messages on Kim’s phone from Kanye West and flipped out on her,” an insider squealed. “The texts referenced a night they hung out, how much fun he had, how hot Kim was, and more racy things that got Reggie’s imagination running.”

What the EFF you mean? Female’s never get caught this one’s on the WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE scale!


Okay time to hit the road and enjoy the weekend so I’m sending you hugs, french kisses, and FASHION FRIDAY!! ENJOY!:)



Henry Plaid LS by Heirtage1981 $22.90

Henry Plaid LS by Heirtage1981 $22.90


LA fingers by Estevan Oriol $24.00

LA fingers by Estevan Oriol $24.00

The Stealth Mid Watch by KR3W $135.00

The Stealth Mid Watch by KR3W $135.00


The Marina Dress by NYC Boutique $60.00

The Marina Dress by NYC Boutique $60.00

The Hawaii Shirt by Trash and Luxury $44.00

The Hawaii Shirt by Trash and Luxury $44.00

Kakudji by ALDO $125.00

Kakudji by ALDO $125.00




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