…It’S Me AgaIn Lemme IN!…

31 08 2009

GeEsh liFe just ain’t the same! SO much on my plate I forgot to feed you guys! BUT no worries it CATCH UP time so throw yourself down and stay awhile! First and foremost my apologies for a brief dip out but you know I’m back with gift and all! So i’ma kick things off the right way today and just tell you to press play! *chEez*


FIRST UP! Who else peeped Rihanna looking FIERCE AS ALL GET OUT!?

rihanna-vogue-9LOVE IT!


NEXT! So i love Tyra BAnks but why the hell is she making the debut of her “real hair” such a big deal? She posted this pic with her hair blurred out claiming that she’d rather keep it under wraps until September 8th when she reveals he locks on TV!tyra-realhair500LOVE TYRA but black people since when is it a “thing” to reveal your real hair!?


NEXT! First I gave ya”ll the track and now here’s the video! BUMP IT OR DUMP IT?


NEXT! Talk of the week is Joe Budden set Tahiry loose! Happens to the best of us BUT check out ole girl goin in on Joe ! A lady never let’s um see her sweat Miss Thing!


THAT’S RIGHT! We are days away from the JAy-z release September 11th and although there has been a leak of the album already I counting on ya”ll to support the Jigga man! Check him out on Bill Maher. He makes me so proud to be a hip hop head! ūüôā


Well it is NEW MUSIC MONDAY so of course i’ma do you right! I’m on the run as usual but so happy we got to catch up! Leave me hugs and kisses at the door and as always love you more today than yesterday! ENJOY!*chEEz*


*Shameless plug*

GO COP TREY SONGZ c.d. TODAY! In stores NOW! *CheeZ*

He so SeXAY I think i”ll buy Two!!




…We miSS You…

25 08 2009

Who else woke up on cloud nine? GOD has been so SuPerB to me today I can hardly wait for u guys to come in and start chattin it up! Lay down, come out the heat, and chillax! i’M exhausted from the early day but before i Knock out for my afternoon nap¬†get comfy and …¬†LET’S BEGIN SHALL WE?!!!

FIRST UP! Today is the day we lost hip hops princess, Aaliyah, and I can hardly believe¬†it’s been eight years!¬† Such a beautiful talent, role model, and women they just don’t make them like her anymore! Withthat said I wanted to pay tribute to her and the legacy she left in our lives and in the industry. Feel free to press play and set the mood for today’s post with one of my fav Aaliyah songs and fav pics of the r&b beauty!

 *Sidenote: I had a crush on this dude in 6th grade and played this song on repeat for a week! LOL*




Make sure you pray for her family and friends today and everyday! We will forever cherish her music and her memory!:)


NEXT! So the news about Nelly and Ashanti breaking up is LATE to me!

I actually heard about the spilt while visiting NEw York in June from Nelly’s close friend. BUT the twist to the story is Melissa Ford has been accused of coming between the two.

Needless¬†to say Melissa is¬†pissed¬†about the allegations and went HAM on Twitter last week when she got wind of the news surrounding her and her role in¬†the breakup. CHECK OUT WHAT SHE HAD¬†TO¬†SAY IN HER OWN DEFENSE—>

“NO! I am NOT The “Jessica Rabbit” that is rumored to have broken Nelly&Ashanti up! That’s some reality show chick who’s making my life hell! These f*cking blogsdisgust me! And everyone takes what they say as if it was a verse in a Bible!!!! IT’S NOT ME! How seriously is a nick name taken? Obviously a lot since this chick from Real Chance at Love is using the name and now I have the problems!Why do I need to be woken up with this BULLSH*T??? Why do I have to field the calls from media? I was just minding my own damn business!And before any SMART ASS hits me up and says “Well this is the life you chose…” SAVE IT! That is the most ignorant statementever.There are some boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed… There are rules witheverything, even in war, they’re called Rules of Engagement.It’s abt SELF PRESERVATION! It’s nt a hater issue, its bad news reporting, NO F*CKING FACT CHECKING! its annoying!”

Somebody go into my bar and get my girl a drink! On the rocks, no chaser, and something strong! You heard the lady she ain’t do it! Proceed with caution when you enter the rumor mill as you can see things can get nasty!


NEXT!!!¬† Calling all Project Runway fans reaaallll quick! So do ya”ll remember Michael Knight from more than a few seasons ago? Ya”ll know Mycheal the one from ATL who kept it REAL the entire season and then came back to ¬†check Sheree from ATL housewives¬†on not using status to start a clothing line with no clothing! Yeah him—>

I finally found his site!!!¬†Family your gonna love his classy yet sassy sense of style! He only has a few pieces up now but I’ve already fallen in love.¬† HIS CERTIFIED FIERCE!

visit his site at: http://mychaelknight.com


NEXT! YAYYY Usher is back, supposedly single,and hopefully ready to make good music! Check out his new joint!¬†I’m just happy to hear his voice again! BUMP IT OR DUMP IT?


NEXT! The word is Bow Wow is dropping a mixtape entitled, “Green Light”.

I got my hands on a joint from the upcoming project and I’ma give Bow his props for still reppin for Columbus! You been gone for like 13 plus years but you still never forgot where you came from! <Insert Clapping hands here> Good OLe’ COlumbus!¬†Bless that city and it’s one hip hop station lol I kid I kid much love to the CO I drive 45 min¬†just to shop at Easton and hit up a O State party every chance I get so I def love ya”ll whole heartedly!¬†check out his new joint from “Green Light”.

p.S. Peep him sayin he got girls at the ribfest and now he shops at Easton! LMFAO¬† Columbus ya”ll gotta stand up on that one!


NEXT! Boosie is BACK! Those north of Kentucky may not care much about my mAnz¬†but being a true hip hop fan means embracing it¬†ALL which means …IM GeEkEd BiSh! ūüôā For my Boosie heads!—>


NEXT! WHo the heCk is Wendy Williams to call someone a virus?¬† I love her most times but sHe gets pocked lips and rolling eyes for this one! Wendy Wendy Wendy¬†what’s you beef? sMh Check out what she has to say about Wayne, his looks, and his c.d. release!


Alrite folks I’m in bad shape. Naps are needed in this house. Either lay down and jump up! Love you lots! Today’s throwback TuesDAy is in honor of our Aaliyah! We miss you and this one is for you Baby Girl! ENJOY!:)


22 08 2009


It’s the weekend FOLKS! We did it again! ANother week with much progress and chatta! I’m excited about today mostly because i have a packed weekend with the girls AND it’s FASHION FRIDAY! One of my fav days so ..LEGGGOOOOO!




NEXT! Listen I LOVE THIS SONG! Almost fainted trying to find the video for it and with all that Day 26 has gone through I can say they’ve done well with this song as well as the video and it’s def for those of you who will be booed up instead hitting the town this weekend.¬† Ladies CHECK IT OUT AT the FolloWing LInk—>>



NEXT! Okay folks so this is the thing, while spending time back home in the ATL a little birdie told me that Ciara wasn’t the kindest of the celebs walking down Peachtree.







In fact I was told that¬† her security often becomes fed up with the way she dodges her fans and that Ms. CiCi would much rather deny fan time than to thank those who helped her to make an escape from it all. Okay i can understand some days it can be too much but¬†¬†to add more salt to the wound www.sandrarose.com claims that Ciara also was dropped from the Britney Spears tour due to “personality conflicts” with the tour manager and has¬†been known to not treat her staff very well. Say it ain’t so Cici! SmH I’m not going to claim these reports because I have yet to bump into miss thing and expereience her raft first hand but I will say arrogance will get you no where in this industry!



NEXT! Souljah Boys little friend, Arab,¬†finally came out with his own joint! What ya”ll think?

What’s with all these low budget SONY filmed videos lately? The recession has got everyone including Bow Wow cutting cost left and right i guess!


NEXT! Sammie is back ya”ll! The voice still sounds silky smooth on this child crooner turned grown R&B gentlemen. If you ask me the song has a very rap feel¬†I¬†def would have liked to see him do a video for “Body rock” instead but hey wateva!¬†Follow Sammie on twitter @PrinceSammie and get to know the man behind this video, his kinda interesting!


NEXT! Has anyone seen the Brazilian Soul Train? NO RAINBOW BUT what the hell are they eatin over there? I need them to FedEx watever it is they chomp on overnight to the crib! PEEP IT! (FeLLAS this is FOR YOU!)*wINK*WINK


NEXT! Mary J always makes me depressed! It’s like she wants to think about all you been through and cry it out with her! LOL IDK ya”ll i love her but only on certain days can I hAndle her! Here’s her new video for “Stronger”. peeP all the basketball players ( you see Lebron James?). In the words of Trina “i got a thang for you!” lol How you doin? <Wendy Williams voice>



NEXT! Quick POst ..What ya”ll think about cheetaH GiRL Adrienne Bailon’s neew song “Superbad”? Bump it Or DUmp it?

Did she say she smells like rapper? Hmmm… well excuse us miss thang! < Insert neck jerk here>


Alright folks the weekend calls I’m so busy I need a nap and some R&R before things get cRaZy!¬† I got your favorite FASHION FRIDAY’s poppin off rite NOW! Love you more today than yesterday!¬†ADIoS! ENJOY!:)

The Darcy ButtonDown by WESC $64.00

The Darcy ButtonDown by WESC $64.00


The Free Time Jacket by Obey $192.00

The Free Time Jacket by Obey $192.00

Kid & Play by Rocksmith $28.000

Kid & Play by Rocksmith $28.000

The Barrs by ALDO $90.00

The Barrs by ALDO $90.00

Thousand Words Said... by heartonmysleeveshop.com  $24.00

Thousand Words Said... by heartonmysleeveshop.com $24.00

Silver PArty Hearty by Betsey Johnson $128.00

Silver PArty Hearty by Betsey Johnson $128.00

..iN Love with Hip Hops OffSpring…

21 08 2009

Oh hey it’s you again! Love seein your face come in out this humidity. Shoes off at the door, grab your usual spot on the couch, and ignore the Big Sean blaring from the back. Recently feel in love with one of hip hops offspring so you know how that goes! So whats the T? Long day? Productive? Well hell luv of course I have so much to tell you…


FIRST UP! Who follows Omarion on twitter?

 Is it just me or has this dude experienced an anointing since B2K? Every time I see his tweet its about Allah, the most high, and praising. True story …I love a man of God (or Allah or ..watevea you get it)! So after hearing he was dropped from Yung Money last night on twitter I was confused. Was he ever officially signed? How do you get dropped before you put anything out? Well I guess Omarion didn’t take to well to the rumors and responded with this about the Yung Money buzz….


“How can I fall or get dropped when I am ‚Äúgravity‚Ä̂Ķand jah is by my side being the force that‚Äôs driving and parachuting my arriving plateau. There‚Äôs alot of people thinking i got dropped from Young Money. That has never nor will ever be the case. I asked to be released. I didnt get dropped.I wish Wayne and all of Young Money good luck for there future. There are no hard feelings,business is business and I made a decision that I felt was best for me..ALBUM ‚ÄėOLLUSION‚Äô still coming video still coming really soon luv yall thanx for holdin me down!”

You tell um O! I guess that’s a done deal!


NEXT! So something about this song doesn’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong i love all the artist but I don’t live for this song! To each is own and for that reason alone I’ve got the remix for “Digital Girl”¬† by Jamie Foxx ft. Drake and The Dream for those of you who love it. Typical girls in bathing suits and body paint¬† but¬† i must say the features Jamie Foxx chose are fire ! LOvIn Kanye, Drake and The dream on one song!


NEXT! Question why the hell is everyone hating on the NEw BOyz, the JerK,¬† and their skinny jeans? Personally I love the¬†LOOK it’s sexy and Exotic.¬†< OWWW>¬†I’m tired of seein the same ole same ole and damn it you know your doin big thangs if white people start reporting about your “movement”! Check out middle America’s report on “The Jerk Movement”. A bit akward to watch ¬†if you ask me. Why must pop culture always try to “understand” us? LOL


NEXT! I’m no PR professional but was it the best idea for Raekwon to speak about how much he hates DL gays in the industry? Listen to¬†him and the chick from The Wire¬†speak their minds about DL peeps in the industry and how much¬†Raekwon¬† “hate fuckin homos” GnR WOW!—->


NEXT! Ima day late but hell this was hilarious! who doesn’t love Groupie love? Just has to fight off some groupies earlier lol I kid I kid but i do believe these two baby luvs took it too far… Woudl you do all this to meet Souljah Boy Tell um? I HOPE NOT! Ladies respect ya selves you know damn well this is a bad look!


Alrite folks I’m outtie hope I catch you by my spot tomorrow! Today’s PoeTic PIece is for anyone attempting to move on! I feel you keep grinding and don’t let it absorb you instead you absorb the lesson and keep it movin! Be safe and as always Hugs and French Kisses! ENJOY!:)


…Cop A SeAt….

19 08 2009

What it is? What the business folks?! Such a productive day in my neighborhood how bout you? I’m so excited to see another Tuesday especially since I have so much to tell you. Baby luvs cop a seat and prop your head up on the the throw pillows it’s THROWBACK TUESDAY!


HUGE NEWS! Did everyone hear Wayne talk about his baby on the way with Lauren London? About minute 3:26 our boy shows how much his a man and takes credit for being a Daddy to be! PEEP it!


NEXT! RAz-B’s brother claims the rest of the group suffered from sexual abuse as well. SMH Don’t tell me that! Here’s the letter he wrote attempting to confirm the incidents in the¬†past.

“I just wanted to say all this because B2K, all four members, are another set of victims at the hand of a sick man, Chris Stokes. The other three got smart (I am so proud of them) and Omari is being brainwashed. He‚Äôs a good kid but that‚Äôs what he is when it‚Äôs all said and done‚Ķa kid. Omari doesn‚Äôt have a voice of reason in his corner. The person who should be his voice of reason is also brainwashed. Good luck Omari. To all the B2K fans, I know yall are hurt. This is the way I felt when Jodeci broke up. But everything is going to come out. Just continue to support the boys and pray for them, especially Omari, he needs it.”

Why he gotta call out Omari out liek that! DEAD WRONG!


I’m a fan of baby makin music so this one is a WINNER!!..Who Else adores this callbo? Got the video for ya!


NEXT! So Bow Wow get’s LOVE STRUCK! But do we really believe his love struck ? In reality I believe this dude is on his boW WoW WoW prowl for his Next honEy DiP! SeMi Cute SonG But wHat with the Ghetto Balcony shoTs?!


Uncle Jay does it AGAIN! The callbo with FAB doesn’t get any better!¬†We’re not worthy!¬†CHECK IT OUT!


Well luvs the day has been long for both of us. So pop in that DVD and stay and chill while I leave you with the TUESDAY THROWBACK from my faVorIte leading lady ( no rainbow but the girL Gets the JOb Done since the 90’s how you gonna hate on dat?) ! Hugs and French Kisses! ENJOY!:)



….Get iN HERe… Mind IF we Chill?…

18 08 2009

What a day what a day!¬† Dios Mio (¬†Spanish for ¬†Oh Em GEE )Ever had a long one? Geez am I ready to fall asleep on this couch! BUT before I do it’s time to do what we do best! Relax put your feet on the ottoman, turn the air to 70,and just listen because today is NEW MAJOR MUSIC MONDAY and a quickie! Strap up…¬†LEGGGOOO!


Okay okay ya”ll can stop the jokes now…

Bow Wow

You know daMN well¬†what i’m talkin about, Bow WoW joining Cash Money is akward but taking hits at the pup ain’t right! lol Not sure what he thinks this will do to his career but I will tell you that being a trending topic that everyone is making fun isn’t a great start! Good LUck Bow!¬†


NEXT! Uh OH Uh OH ¬†Lumidee thinks she can make a come back!Can’t say if I would be totally against another lyric lacking catchy club hit so what the hell girl give it you best shot! See what she has to say about her come back season—>


Another bites the dust folks! C- Murder gets a life sentence on hsi second trial! SMH Dang homie there really was No Limit to this solider and  I hate to see another brotha behind bars. Put some money on his books and listen to his sister speak on his case.


NEXT! For those of you who need a good laugh check out Keri Hilson looking more than a little confused on a show filmed in Japan recently! POor KerI ya”ll could have given her an on site translator! Dead Wrong but dead Ass funny!



Who else thinks it’s weird Terrance J from 106 and Khloe Khardashian made out? I¬† so didn’t think she was his type! hmmm


OKay so I’m battling to stay online and up so I’m gonna swear to make up for today’s short visit and get some shut eye! Love you lots and as always ENJOY!:)

Got the sneak peak to “Run This Town” Who doesn’t get hype when this comes on?

My Girl DID IT AGAIN! No rainbow this bish don’t play!

I love it when a man sings off key! Can’t go wrong with a ghetto love song! Peep Wanye sayin he had to introduce her to his hero Below! GNR WOW we know more than a few who know about his hero! YUNG MONEY!

DOING MY HIP HOP GOOD DEED FOR THE DAY! these dudes are dope #1 cus I had no idea dudes felt this way EVER,  #2 cus I had no idea dudes kept it this real in hip hop anymore ( with e few exceptions),  and #3 they had the balls to kill a Kanye track! Lemme know what you think more inFO on theM next week!


…ReUNionS, ComEbacKS, and …more Babies? …

14 08 2009

Long day? I can tell. LOL Get in here relax like you usually do and grab some packing tape and a seat. It’s moving day so I’m giving you the tea a midst bubble wrap and boxes. Work with me!



So who else is a Khardashian fan? Who doesn’t love a family that has money, looks, drive, businesses, and class?! I LOVE THEM! But I can’t help but feel like Kourtney Khardashian may have dropped the same ball Lauren London did this year. Lemme explain, word on the internet street is Kourtney is expecting! ( Here comes the ball dropper)

Supposedly Kourtney and¬† her sister Khloe are set to hit 106 and Park tomorrow to reveal who the father is but hehehe I already got the scoop!¬†Allegedly the father is Kourtney’s on again off again boyfriend Scott Disick! EWWWWW this cheating¬†manicane looking jerk¬†only made Kourtney look and feel like “dur uh” ( Missy Elliot voice)¬†when she caught him cheating last season! If you missed that episode you know I got you….

Of course this may be a slight ball drop but this family specializes in rebounds! So CONGRATS to Kourtney and best wishes on dealing with ole dude I know you”ll get him together!


I’m sorta a day late but I wanted to save this and introduce this the rite way. B’s BACK! That’s right haters Beyonce has another ” he ain’t right but I need him every night” type song out right now! The song’s title is “Poison” and I’m all for ” I don’t need your record”. CHECK IT OUT!

Always good to hear Beyonce doing what she does best!


NEXT! So someone hand me a paper bag because I am at a lost of words and breathe! Are ya”ll ready for this? B2K is BACK! < Insert screams reminiscent to the Scream Tour in 2000> Well okay okay calm down they aren’t allback but J-Boog ( who is a father now)¬†and Fizz have released a song today entitled ” Bounce”. Call my corny if you’d like but there is nothing but love for these men in this house! Hear um out—>

Oh no Fizz still thinks he can rap…. SMH Well I’m not sure if this is a strip club song or what but the approach could have been ummm …different. IDK ya”ll I want not to hate this so I’ma just stop talking about it with hopes they will release something more innovative in the next few weeks.


NEXT! WEEZY has a new mixtape. Off to datpiff.com you go to download! Just because I love you so much I have the title and the track list for thos eof you who would rather just download it track for track. I know I know I’m your favorite!¬†Tell me you love me later:)

The Ultimate Carter

Track List:
1.DJ BChenk And Chainz Intro
2.Major (new)
3.Million Dolla Baby (new)
4.Warriors (new)
5.Up In The Club (new)
6.Come On (new)
7.Not Love (new)
8.Death Of Hatin (new)
9.Break Time
10.Call Of Duty
11.A Millie
12.Brand New Money
13.I Feel Like Dying
14.Prostitute Flange
15.Money, p*ssy, Weed
17.Skys The Limit
18.Alphabet Bitches
20.How Can Something
21.Ima Go Getta
22.Kobe Bryant


Could it be true? Is there going to be a Ruff Ryder reunion? If not this snippet is good enough for me!

Let’s cross our fingers on this one!


Well folks I have to hit the road. Lot’s to do and of course I’m going¬† ¬†you but ya gotta dip! Grab ya junk along with some good ole poetry and hit the road! Stay positive, keep gridning, don’t stop dreaming, and keep your confidence in your pocket next to your swag and cell phone!¬† Hugs and French Kisses!ENJOY!:)