… FOUR WORDS: It’S A New DAy!…

3 08 2009

AYYYOOOOOO AIGHT! I woke up happy to see another day there is nothing more I’d rather do than breathe, work, and dream! 🙂 Get in a feel good mood cus it’s a lot easier than being pissed and on the plus side good things are goin down….NOW!


Alrite so dust off that futon in the corner and grab some red Kool Aid out my fridge becuase all I can talk about is Loso’s Way! Fabolous has secured a position in my playlist with his summer c.d. and has taken my c.d. player hostage! I can’t get enough of the song “Salute” feat. Lil Wayne and if the c.d. isn’t enough he made a stab at doubling his c.d. sales with releasing a movie as well.  Check Check Check Check it OUUUUUTTT—>


Okay true story don’t take this out of these four walls but I have developed a mean crush on Mr.myfaboulouslife himself. Plus who doesn’t love a good gangsta flick?


I’m delighted to move on to more good news by celebrating the following:


After all the drama I pray for a smooth rode from here on out for these kids and the Jackson family!


NEXT! So excited to see uncle Jay come out with his new album artwork today! Have you peeped it yet? Very artsy, very new age, very where is waldo count the keyboards..I LIKE!

The album is said to hit stores Spetember 11th which means my coutndown on the calendar behind you has officially begun! With Kanye producing tracks along with No I.D. and Mr. Hudson among a few others this c.d. better be the remedy to the cold like symptoms that Hip Hop has been suffering from for some time! Cross your fingers folks!


NEXT! Although I saw haters dressed in their finest hating on Drake and his horrible fall on stage in Philly over the weekend I have to say I was sad to hear the news. After injuring his knee earlier this summer maybe it is time for some R&R for this Yung Money cutie. No worries Drake, who’s real name happens to be Aubrey Graham, I’m a full time student and part time nurse < wink* wink*>.  If you have yet to stop by every blog site and twitter link to see the fall this is waht you missed…

Between you and me family I think it was that DAMN KANYE again. Tryna ruin my boy before he can divide and conquer the game! LOL  Kudos to his hype man for holding it together thou very well done!  All jokes aside Drake had this to say on his blog regarding his injury and current state…

“This bottle of Opus One is low but my spirits are high my friends. I am about 2 hours away from Toronto, CA where I will be spending the next chunk of time recovering from a surgery that I now must have. I embarked on this tour with a torn ACL, MCL, and LCL and due to the events that happened the other night lord only knows what other damage I have done. On the bright side I will begin the reflecting and soul searching that its going to take to make this album and my outfit on the night I fell was crack. I will forever push myself beyond the limits despite advice and recommendations given because even with this new found success I am still the kid who wanted this more than anything in the world. Its funny when I read comments from previous fans who have lost interest because of the radio play and exposure I have. I just want to assure anyone reading that nothing has changed on my end. I refuse to get comfortable, I refuse to fall in line and follow anyone elses formulas. I still work as if So Far Gone had never dropped and I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to gain entry to this game.

“Missing someone gets easier everyday. Because, even though it is one day further from the last time you saw each other, it is one day closer to the next time you will”

See you soon.



Ya”ll rememeber Jon B. You know cool white r&b dude. No note Justin JON!

Yeah the cutie from the 90’s. HE’S BACK! Currently he’s touring with Deborah Cox in a city near you and damn it if this man don’t put out more music asap I’m gonna flip! Nothing like an older K. Fed who takes care of his voice, career, and family. Brutha’s watch out!


Alright G’s and Gents it’s about that time to wrap things up and press replay on the NEW MAJOR MUSIC MONDAY joints! Leave my Kool Aid glass and wipe your top lip. Love you more today than yesterday! ENJOY!:)

{Just gonna ignore that Sandra Rose quoted Trey Songz from some interview saying  his most embarassing moment in life was some chick “threw up during sex cus she couldn’t take the dick.” <Insert Akward Silence> TREY…SMDH stop embarassing me like that! I’m ignoring your HUGE  MOUTH THROW UP. NOW CLEAN UP THESE WORDS!}

*Oh Lawd Day Day that crazy bitch out here tryna sing AGAIN!*<Insert rolling eyes>





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