…ConGRaTs, SeX, anD a TreAdMill! ComE On IN!…

5 08 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy. The world is makin money and I’m hopin you are too! So much to tell in so little time FAMILY! So without further or due take a break and kick off your shoes by the door!


EXCITING NEWS FIRST! Congrats are in order for Kimora Lee and Djimon!


 They are more than adorable aren’t they? The two glowing parents named their bundle of joy Kenzo! That um different…  Kimora had this to say to OK Magazine regarding her birthing experience…

 “It was a long labor. This was from 9 o’clock at night until 11 o’clock the next morning. I was so surprised because they say your third child is supposed to pop out but he did not pop out. It was like baby number one all over again.”

Congrats to one of my favorite power women in the game! Keep it up mama!


The more I see pics from Keri’s shoot for Complex the more I love them! I got my hands on some footage from the shoot and it’s built my anticpation  for the issue even more! CHECK CHECK CHECK IT OUT!


NEXT! Wendy Williams goes in on Nick Cannon for not taking up for Mariah!

Tell um giRl!


Okay so for a quick moment we will run on the GOSSIP TREADMILL. You ready?  Word on the web is Rhianna is sporting and wedding band and she’s asked that the restraining order against Chris Brown be released after he has recieved five years probation and 1400’s of community service for the couple’s throw down last year.

These two are the typical teenage romance but guess what? THEIR NOT TEENS! Although we are all guilty of doing the romance cha cha slide with someone in our lives this fucked up dance that these two are doing has got me sick to my stomach. Hoping that they work it out and STOP THE VIOLENCE or they live their lives and grow from this situation.  Could they really  be engaged? Is it possible to forgive someone for this?…–>

 I”ll keep you posted on this story.


So from what I hear this song is every girls ringtone and favorite Facebook status so I thought I’d see what the noise was all about. YO GOTTI is unrated in my opinion as a rapper and although all the “bitches” may  have suffered slight over kill… i like! Sounds like he made this song about me and my troop! What you think?


So if your in the mood for a quality video and song here’s your fix just cus i love yOU!..


OKAY FOLKS! The day is calling my name so I’m off and ready to conquer the world. Grab ya junk, ya shoes, and keys! See ya tomorrow luvs. You don’t gotta go hoem but ya gotta get outta here!!! 🙂 It’s all in love! XOXO hitting you up with WAT YOU SAY WEDNESDAY LYRICS so as always…ENJOY!:)


NUMBER ONE SEX R KElly Feat Keri Hilson

a lot of these cats out here be fakin
when it comes to makin love
but you and me baby
this is real…
and that’s why it’s…


(number one)
sex that we’re having
here girl
ooh (this is this is number one)
sex that we’re having here girl
you better ask somebody..

can’t nobody do it like us
can’t nobody chop and screw it like us
all over the lving room hittin it like us
in the middle of the night wake up the building like us
but it’s ooo kay if you wanna brag
the sex so good
go head and pat yourself on the back
and them haaaters, they gon hate
but we gon keep on blowing up cause girl
they gon hate, anyway
you are now rocking with the best
i’ll make you forget about the rest
having sex with you is like makin hits
girl we got egos they can’t tell us that we ain’t the —-
i’m in your mix like a number one record
and the beat goes on and on
and it don’t stop you keep going from the night onto the day
and i love it when you take me down and make me say-ay..


keri hilson:

you know you stay at the top spot
when you’re breaking me down like a chop shop eh
cutting like some blades on a caddy
that’s how you’re working me, daddy
you are now rocking with the best
i’ll make you forget about your ex
this one here’s a race where you don’t wanna come first
i know what i’m doing ain’t no need to rehearse yeah-ee-yeah
a lot of dudes just be going nowhere fast
but you be steady cruising like you want it to last
that’s how you made me a chocoholic
and right now my body’s calling
I gotta know how you got the knowhow
Baby you the champ of all that goes down
If your —- was a gun it would stone cold?
With my RNB thug when I bang bang
You know Kells and Keri hook up like that you make it number one


hands down you the best
ain’t no competition
you and me in this bed
just what i was wishin
them other girls was cool but it’s somethin they was missin
and i don’t call them back every since we hit it in the kitchen
that night
at my home
trench coat
nothin on
your sex
got me gone
went straight
to my dome
and i love it woo
girl i love it woo
and i love it woo
girl i love it woo
girl it’s somethin about you that thrills me
that’s why after we lay you get to know the real me-e-e-yeah
and it don’t stop you keep going from the night onto the day
and i love it when you take me down and make me say


girl i vow that i would do anything to pleasure you
all i wanna do is make this last
i’ll kiss you up i kiss you down
be real quiet or making sounds
take it slow or take it fast
and wooo
and wee
and yoouuu
and me
havin fun

and when it’s over in the morning i’ll say gracias bebe
before you go i’ll scream damelo





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