…One OF thOSe Days!…

5 08 2009

Somedays you wake up and the day smacks you on your ass and then kicks you out the door. Today was one of those days! Shit happens right? < Insert shrugged shoulders here>BUT forget all that let’s get in a quickie!<wink*wink*> Let’s take some shots of today’s news with NO CHASER! OPEN WIDE!:)


Gotta get this out the way–>Cassie looks crazier by the day..NUFF SAID!



FIRST UP! Keri Hilson get’s Complex with her cover for Complex magazine! No shade it’s a keeper!


Expect to see the young singer song writer in the upcoming Style and Design edition of the edgy magazine soon! From the looks of it miss thing has found a her new fave pose…


 The interview should  be interesting thanks to the juicy details Keri dishes  inlcudhing info on how she spent her first check and how she doesn’t mind not being the chick you see on every blog. CHECK IT OUT–>

“I’m not camera-hungry. That was never part of my dream, to be overexposed. I’d much rather be mysterious.”

Although we’ve had our disagreements Ms. Keri Baby I def can say this should be a good read! I guess we’re okay..for now.


The most aniticpated tour of the summer hits the hottest city in the south, Atlanta of course silly’s, this weekend. Loving the candid pics of the Yung Money artist and family  that have been given to us by the folks at  Complex Magazine ( these folks at Complex are on a roll huh?).



The tour is super dope and if you have yet to get your tickets for the tour or the ATL show make sure you support these artist by going to: http://www.ticketmaster.com/


Okay so I got one question.. Who the hell let this chick back on the scene?

I thought we were done with her airbrushed photos and tummy tucks!! I was never a Tameka fan and these pics don’t prove much but that she has spare time! Supossedly these pics were taken to show Usher was “he’s missing”…<Akward Silence> Okay Tameka watever you say!


Okay so I’m embarassed by this horrible ghetto hot mess my people have put together. Check out this ignorant SHIT!

LMBO at –>”It’s wit yo black ass NIGGA!” WTF? Whoever agreed to particpate in this ish and say ignorant shit better have needed the check to dodge being evicted or somethin! Shakin My DamN HEAd at this horrible display of ignorance! Can I get a witness?


NEXT! Well it’s THROWBACK TUESDAY! I’m feelin great, lookin good, and happy you came to wine down after one hell of a day. We drank, we laughed, and we talked shit! THAT’S A GOOD DAY! I’m about to throw on a classic and finish these shots and Mojitos with you so sit back and stay awhile today luvs! LET’S GET WASTED! lol ENJOY:)




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