..THe KeyS UnderNEatH The MAt!…

6 08 2009

HEEEYYYYY! How you doin? Where you been?  Thursday’s always feel good! Hope your day is gorgeous because I’m ready to hit you real quick with what you’ve missed while you have been out makin moves and money! LEGGGO!

So pregnant is the new black. We thought Danger was crazy and a liar but turns out she is crazy, a liar, and prego!


I’m praying the kid takes after his father. Whoever that may be…


Chris Brown hit up the court room again today. This man will never go pay a parking ticket or jury duty himself ever again after all these court dates !





After appearing before a judge earlier Chris’s sentencing was rescheduled for August 27th. Can you tell I am tired of talking about this mess? The post get shorter and shorter. Does anyone care anymore?


Is anyone a fan of The View? It’s often a hit or miss with me but Sherri Shepard sported her anticipated bathing suite today on set …

SMH Got a question for The View…Are ratings that bad lately? No shade she worked hard to get in this suit and to housewives across the country this was big news! The only thing I’m half way diggin is those shoes… BORING!


NEXT! Well you can take the dog out the game but you can’t take the game out the dogg. Snoop Dogg is  still pimpin sicne been pimpin. Check him out doin what he does best –>

WOW! How Snoop gonna step out on Boss Lady like that? I need E! to get back to LA and in that man’s house again I wanna see her reaction to this! I woner if he”ll respond to her complaints with,” It ain’t nothin but a G thang baby.” LOL Okay I’ma stop that was corny!


NEXT! MAXWELL fans do I have somethin for you! You can thank me later!

Boy Oh Boy does that man do his job to the T! Hats off to another bad creation!


Alright homies and homettes I’m outtie! Out into the streets of ATL to dodge traffic and humidity! Got ya POETIC THURSDAY’s of course it’s an oldie but a gooDie!  So with that I’m throwin the dEuCEs aND sayIn ENJOY!:)





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