…WhErE deY DO DAt At? …

10 08 2009

It’s me again!:) A little under the weather excuse me if things get brief today. Feel free to grab the swine flu mask behind you it’s all good. Okay so lean back and relax while you can cus I have to turn the air on auto which means with all this news and hot ish i could steamy lol

OKay so this made my dang weekend. Oprah finally stopped being too good for us and has agreed to feature Jay-z on an upcoming show! After denying appearances from rappers such as Ludacris i’M guessing she decided to whirl us back in by grabbing Jay. Fine by me uncle Jay is a perfect fit but who else thinks it was a little extreme to have OPrah walking to the streets of Marcy porjects with Jay-z? Check her out sitting on a stoop in BK!


Glad to see she didn’t take her uppity pills for the day and she was able to hopefully get candid footage of a hip hop legend! Let’s hope it comes together and we see it soon! Keep you posted on the date it will air.


So there is really no story behind this but who else loves the hell oout of Keisha Cole’s hair? ( word on the street is she cut the stars in it to match her BF Bobbie Gibson’s hair awwww!)



Another post with little relevance but i had to get this off my chest. NO RAINBOW but effin Teyana Taylor has swag for decades! 



Who’s down to steal these clothes and some of her swag in the middle of the night? This ad for Married To the Mob should be a scuccess Ms. Taylor. Keep it up!


Less gossip and more music is usually my objective here so as if we don’t miss T.I. enough the video for Slideshow feat. John Legend is damn near a tear jerker! Get that tissue off my counter you may need it…


Trey Songz talks about gettin grabs at 16! Where they do dat at?

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…I STILL LOVE YOU TREY! It’s in the past..right? Right?

Why ya”ll lookin at me like that?!


NEXT! It’s def NEW MAJOR MUSIC MONDAY! I’m postin some new videos as well so with that pick me up some medicine and  chicken noodle soup some time today! Love you guys more today than yesterday! ENJOY!:)

Were the Boosie fans at? I’m gonna have to admit i love this guy and every other word I can understand by him!

Still not tired of this song….

Where has he been at? Welcome back ROGER!

THE CLIPSE ARE BACK! YES! Ladies keep ya hands of my man. That’s right I got dibbs on Pharell too! ( Rollin my eyes)




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