…Who’s With Me?…

11 08 2009

HEY HEY HEY ! It’s THROWBACK TUESDAY and I”M RELOADED ( my Puerto Rican voice). Who’s with me? Damn there has been news birthed while we were sleeping and I’m feeling much better which means i’m ready to chat. Kool-Aid on me! Let’s get this train goin!


So I’m disgusted with some of the things goin down. DO ya”ll remember Making The bAnd before half naked girls? When Diddy wanted those poor kids to run the city for cheesecake? Well looks like our girl SaRa Stokes ( the female R&B voice from Da BAnd)  has run up on some tough times. Check baBY giRl out—->


OKay so I have ZERO lemme say it again ZERO tolernace these days for any man who is punk ass enough to put his hands on a woman BUT word is Sara got loose on the Goose and bumped her head and then proceeded to cut her hubby up in front of her kids. NOW NOW miss lady where they dey do that at? < FAB voice> Listen this is a hot damn mess and I need more facts. I refuse to believe she went slice happy for no reason! SMH we shall see. Keep you posted.


NEXT!  I interupt your regular viewing pleasure for some brief useless news.

Cassie finally does a look that I can’t deny! Given the girl her props on the YSL fit!


Simple but very well put together.


NEXT! Amber Rose is still talking!


But maybe she should have stopped while she was ahead! YIKES! She spills the tea about being ..BISEXUAL?

“Yeah, they label me a bisexual freak stripper that f*cks Kanye on a daily basis. [Laughs.] You know: “Amber Rose, the f*cking bisexual, dyke, freak, whatever the f*ck.” To answer that: I’m extremely open with my sexuality. I can be in love with a woman, I can be in love with a man.”

Kanye get ya girl! SMH


Well i guess Gucci can’t stay away from the Green long enough to stay jail free!

This ATL rapper failed a drug test given by his parole officer and now his being forced to do a few weeks in rehab! I guess Gucci’s hooked on more than money, bags, and cOOchi..SHUT YO MOUTH!


So ya”ll know D. Woods sister  Shanell is signed to Yung Money but has anyone ever heard her stuff before? I’m totally taken off guard cus I actually sorta kinda maybe like her…. Check her out —>

My favorite part…” I ain’t tryna fall like them sucks in LOVE!” ChUrccccch! 


NEXT! Jennifer Hudson gave birth to her baby boy last night! Yayyy!

Congrats to the new mommy for giving birth to little  David Daniel Otunga, Jr.


NEXT! So Watch out Chris Brown this kid may give you a run for your…well maybe not but it’s a cute attempt! i like his style it’s innocent and much needed for these fast ass kids of today! Check out MishoN with

” Just a KiSS”

What he mean by do some thangs? HMMMM…Watch him!:)


Well folks the sun is saying goodbye and I still have things I need to do! That’s right you know the routine get ya ish! lol You know your always invited tomorrow but today leave my humble spot and take ya THROWBACK joint with you! I’m feelin real  throwback R&Bish today so shoutout to everyone who was in Elementary when this joint came out ( PreK to be exact)! Damn how i miss ponytails, the smell of LET’s JAM and hanging on the front of Huffy bike bars! lol Who’s with me?  ENJOY!:) Hugs and French Kisses!






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