…ReUNionS, ComEbacKS, and …more Babies? …

14 08 2009

Long day? I can tell. LOL Get in here relax like you usually do and grab some packing tape and a seat. It’s moving day so I’m giving you the tea a midst bubble wrap and boxes. Work with me!



So who else is a Khardashian fan? Who doesn’t love a family that has money, looks, drive, businesses, and class?! I LOVE THEM! But I can’t help but feel like Kourtney Khardashian may have dropped the same ball Lauren London did this year. Lemme explain, word on the internet street is Kourtney is expecting! ( Here comes the ball dropper)

Supposedly Kourtney and  her sister Khloe are set to hit 106 and Park tomorrow to reveal who the father is but hehehe I already got the scoop! Allegedly the father is Kourtney’s on again off again boyfriend Scott Disick! EWWWWW this cheating manicane looking jerk only made Kourtney look and feel like “dur uh” ( Missy Elliot voice) when she caught him cheating last season! If you missed that episode you know I got you….

Of course this may be a slight ball drop but this family specializes in rebounds! So CONGRATS to Kourtney and best wishes on dealing with ole dude I know you”ll get him together!


I’m sorta a day late but I wanted to save this and introduce this the rite way. B’s BACK! That’s right haters Beyonce has another ” he ain’t right but I need him every night” type song out right now! The song’s title is “Poison” and I’m all for ” I don’t need your record”. CHECK IT OUT!

Always good to hear Beyonce doing what she does best!


NEXT! So someone hand me a paper bag because I am at a lost of words and breathe! Are ya”ll ready for this? B2K is BACK! < Insert screams reminiscent to the Scream Tour in 2000> Well okay okay calm down they aren’t allback but J-Boog ( who is a father now) and Fizz have released a song today entitled ” Bounce”. Call my corny if you’d like but there is nothing but love for these men in this house! Hear um out—>

Oh no Fizz still thinks he can rap…. SMH Well I’m not sure if this is a strip club song or what but the approach could have been ummm …different. IDK ya”ll I want not to hate this so I’ma just stop talking about it with hopes they will release something more innovative in the next few weeks.


NEXT! WEEZY has a new mixtape. Off to datpiff.com you go to download! Just because I love you so much I have the title and the track list for thos eof you who would rather just download it track for track. I know I know I’m your favorite! Tell me you love me later:)

The Ultimate Carter

Track List:
1.DJ BChenk And Chainz Intro
2.Major (new)
3.Million Dolla Baby (new)
4.Warriors (new)
5.Up In The Club (new)
6.Come On (new)
7.Not Love (new)
8.Death Of Hatin (new)
9.Break Time
10.Call Of Duty
11.A Millie
12.Brand New Money
13.I Feel Like Dying
14.Prostitute Flange
15.Money, p*ssy, Weed
17.Skys The Limit
18.Alphabet Bitches
20.How Can Something
21.Ima Go Getta
22.Kobe Bryant


Could it be true? Is there going to be a Ruff Ryder reunion? If not this snippet is good enough for me!

Let’s cross our fingers on this one!


Well folks I have to hit the road. Lot’s to do and of course I’m going   you but ya gotta dip! Grab ya junk along with some good ole poetry and hit the road! Stay positive, keep gridning, don’t stop dreaming, and keep your confidence in your pocket next to your swag and cell phone!  Hugs and French Kisses!ENJOY!:)




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