….Get iN HERe… Mind IF we Chill?…

18 08 2009

What a day what a day!  Dios Mio ( Spanish for  Oh Em GEE )Ever had a long one? Geez am I ready to fall asleep on this couch! BUT before I do it’s time to do what we do best! Relax put your feet on the ottoman, turn the air to 70,and just listen because today is NEW MAJOR MUSIC MONDAY and a quickie! Strap up… LEGGGOOO!


Okay okay ya”ll can stop the jokes now…

Bow Wow

You know daMN well what i’m talkin about, Bow WoW joining Cash Money is akward but taking hits at the pup ain’t right! lol Not sure what he thinks this will do to his career but I will tell you that being a trending topic that everyone is making fun isn’t a great start! Good LUck Bow! 


NEXT! Uh OH Uh OH  Lumidee thinks she can make a come back!Can’t say if I would be totally against another lyric lacking catchy club hit so what the hell girl give it you best shot! See what she has to say about her come back season—>


Another bites the dust folks! C- Murder gets a life sentence on hsi second trial! SMH Dang homie there really was No Limit to this solider and  I hate to see another brotha behind bars. Put some money on his books and listen to his sister speak on his case.


NEXT! For those of you who need a good laugh check out Keri Hilson looking more than a little confused on a show filmed in Japan recently! POor KerI ya”ll could have given her an on site translator! Dead Wrong but dead Ass funny!



Who else thinks it’s weird Terrance J from 106 and Khloe Khardashian made out? I  so didn’t think she was his type! hmmm


OKay so I’m battling to stay online and up so I’m gonna swear to make up for today’s short visit and get some shut eye! Love you lots and as always ENJOY!:)

Got the sneak peak to “Run This Town” Who doesn’t get hype when this comes on?

My Girl DID IT AGAIN! No rainbow this bish don’t play!

I love it when a man sings off key! Can’t go wrong with a ghetto love song! Peep Wanye sayin he had to introduce her to his hero Below! GNR WOW we know more than a few who know about his hero! YUNG MONEY!

DOING MY HIP HOP GOOD DEED FOR THE DAY! these dudes are dope #1 cus I had no idea dudes felt this way EVER,  #2 cus I had no idea dudes kept it this real in hip hop anymore ( with e few exceptions),  and #3 they had the balls to kill a Kanye track! Lemme know what you think more inFO on theM next week!





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