…Cop A SeAt….

19 08 2009

What it is? What the business folks?! Such a productive day in my neighborhood how bout you? I’m so excited to see another Tuesday especially since I have so much to tell you. Baby luvs cop a seat and prop your head up on the the throw pillows it’s THROWBACK TUESDAY!


HUGE NEWS! Did everyone hear Wayne talk about his baby on the way with Lauren London? About minute 3:26 our boy shows how much his a man and takes credit for being a Daddy to be! PEEP it!


NEXT! RAz-B’s brother claims the rest of the group suffered from sexual abuse as well. SMH Don’t tell me that! Here’s the letter he wrote attempting to confirm the incidents in the past.

“I just wanted to say all this because B2K, all four members, are another set of victims at the hand of a sick man, Chris Stokes. The other three got smart (I am so proud of them) and Omari is being brainwashed. He’s a good kid but that’s what he is when it’s all said and done…a kid. Omari doesn’t have a voice of reason in his corner. The person who should be his voice of reason is also brainwashed. Good luck Omari. To all the B2K fans, I know yall are hurt. This is the way I felt when Jodeci broke up. But everything is going to come out. Just continue to support the boys and pray for them, especially Omari, he needs it.”

Why he gotta call out Omari out liek that! DEAD WRONG!


I’m a fan of baby makin music so this one is a WINNER!!..Who Else adores this callbo? Got the video for ya!


NEXT! So Bow Wow get’s LOVE STRUCK! But do we really believe his love struck ? In reality I believe this dude is on his boW WoW WoW prowl for his Next honEy DiP! SeMi Cute SonG But wHat with the Ghetto Balcony shoTs?!


Uncle Jay does it AGAIN! The callbo with FAB doesn’t get any better! We’re not worthy! CHECK IT OUT!


Well luvs the day has been long for both of us. So pop in that DVD and stay and chill while I leave you with the TUESDAY THROWBACK from my faVorIte leading lady ( no rainbow but the girL Gets the JOb Done since the 90’s how you gonna hate on dat?) ! Hugs and French Kisses! ENJOY!:)






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