..iN Love with Hip Hops OffSpring…

21 08 2009

Oh hey it’s you again! Love seein your face come in out this humidity. Shoes off at the door, grab your usual spot on the couch, and ignore the Big Sean blaring from the back. Recently feel in love with one of hip hops offspring so you know how that goes! So whats the T? Long day? Productive? Well hell luv of course I have so much to tell you…


FIRST UP! Who follows Omarion on twitter?

 Is it just me or has this dude experienced an anointing since B2K? Every time I see his tweet its about Allah, the most high, and praising. True story …I love a man of God (or Allah or ..watevea you get it)! So after hearing he was dropped from Yung Money last night on twitter I was confused. Was he ever officially signed? How do you get dropped before you put anything out? Well I guess Omarion didn’t take to well to the rumors and responded with this about the Yung Money buzz….


“How can I fall or get dropped when I am “gravity”…and jah is by my side being the force that’s driving and parachuting my arriving plateau. There’s alot of people thinking i got dropped from Young Money. That has never nor will ever be the case. I asked to be released. I didnt get dropped.I wish Wayne and all of Young Money good luck for there future. There are no hard feelings,business is business and I made a decision that I felt was best for me..ALBUM ‘OLLUSION’ still coming video still coming really soon luv yall thanx for holdin me down!”

You tell um O! I guess that’s a done deal!


NEXT! So something about this song doesn’t do it for me. Don’t get me wrong i love all the artist but I don’t live for this song! To each is own and for that reason alone I’ve got the remix for “Digital Girl”  by Jamie Foxx ft. Drake and The Dream for those of you who love it. Typical girls in bathing suits and body paint  but  i must say the features Jamie Foxx chose are fire ! LOvIn Kanye, Drake and The dream on one song!


NEXT! Question why the hell is everyone hating on the NEw BOyz, the JerK,  and their skinny jeans? Personally I love the LOOK it’s sexy and Exotic. < OWWW> I’m tired of seein the same ole same ole and damn it you know your doin big thangs if white people start reporting about your “movement”! Check out middle America’s report on “The Jerk Movement”. A bit akward to watch  if you ask me. Why must pop culture always try to “understand” us? LOL


NEXT! I’m no PR professional but was it the best idea for Raekwon to speak about how much he hates DL gays in the industry? Listen to him and the chick from The Wire speak their minds about DL peeps in the industry and how much Raekwon  “hate fuckin homos” GnR WOW!—->


NEXT! Ima day late but hell this was hilarious! who doesn’t love Groupie love? Just has to fight off some groupies earlier lol I kid I kid but i do believe these two baby luvs took it too far… Woudl you do all this to meet Souljah Boy Tell um? I HOPE NOT! Ladies respect ya selves you know damn well this is a bad look!


Alrite folks I’m outtie hope I catch you by my spot tomorrow! Today’s PoeTic PIece is for anyone attempting to move on! I feel you keep grinding and don’t let it absorb you instead you absorb the lesson and keep it movin! Be safe and as always Hugs and French Kisses! ENJOY!:)





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