22 08 2009


It’s the weekend FOLKS! We did it again! ANother week with much progress and chatta! I’m excited about today mostly because i have a packed weekend with the girls AND it’s FASHION FRIDAY! One of my fav days so ..LEGGGOOOOO!




NEXT! Listen I LOVE THIS SONG! Almost fainted trying to find the video for it and with all that Day 26 has gone through I can say they’ve done well with this song as well as the video and it’s def for those of you who will be booed up instead hitting the town this weekend.  Ladies CHECK IT OUT AT the FolloWing LInk—>>



NEXT! Okay folks so this is the thing, while spending time back home in the ATL a little birdie told me that Ciara wasn’t the kindest of the celebs walking down Peachtree.







In fact I was told that  her security often becomes fed up with the way she dodges her fans and that Ms. CiCi would much rather deny fan time than to thank those who helped her to make an escape from it all. Okay i can understand some days it can be too much but  to add more salt to the wound www.sandrarose.com claims that Ciara also was dropped from the Britney Spears tour due to “personality conflicts” with the tour manager and has been known to not treat her staff very well. Say it ain’t so Cici! SmH I’m not going to claim these reports because I have yet to bump into miss thing and expereience her raft first hand but I will say arrogance will get you no where in this industry!



NEXT! Souljah Boys little friend, Arab, finally came out with his own joint! What ya”ll think?

What’s with all these low budget SONY filmed videos lately? The recession has got everyone including Bow Wow cutting cost left and right i guess!


NEXT! Sammie is back ya”ll! The voice still sounds silky smooth on this child crooner turned grown R&B gentlemen. If you ask me the song has a very rap feel I def would have liked to see him do a video for “Body rock” instead but hey wateva! Follow Sammie on twitter @PrinceSammie and get to know the man behind this video, his kinda interesting!


NEXT! Has anyone seen the Brazilian Soul Train? NO RAINBOW BUT what the hell are they eatin over there? I need them to FedEx watever it is they chomp on overnight to the crib! PEEP IT! (FeLLAS this is FOR YOU!)*wINK*WINK


NEXT! Mary J always makes me depressed! It’s like she wants to think about all you been through and cry it out with her! LOL IDK ya”ll i love her but only on certain days can I hAndle her! Here’s her new video for “Stronger”. peeP all the basketball players ( you see Lebron James?). In the words of Trina “i got a thang for you!” lol How you doin? <Wendy Williams voice>



NEXT! Quick POst ..What ya”ll think about cheetaH GiRL Adrienne Bailon’s neew song “Superbad”? Bump it Or DUmp it?

Did she say she smells like rapper? Hmmm… well excuse us miss thang! < Insert neck jerk here>


Alright folks the weekend calls I’m so busy I need a nap and some R&R before things get cRaZy!  I got your favorite FASHION FRIDAY’s poppin off rite NOW! Love you more today than yesterday! ADIoS! ENJOY!:)

The Darcy ButtonDown by WESC $64.00

The Darcy ButtonDown by WESC $64.00


The Free Time Jacket by Obey $192.00

The Free Time Jacket by Obey $192.00

Kid & Play by Rocksmith $28.000

Kid & Play by Rocksmith $28.000

The Barrs by ALDO $90.00

The Barrs by ALDO $90.00

Thousand Words Said... by heartonmysleeveshop.com  $24.00

Thousand Words Said... by heartonmysleeveshop.com $24.00

Silver PArty Hearty by Betsey Johnson $128.00

Silver PArty Hearty by Betsey Johnson $128.00




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