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25 08 2009

Who else woke up on cloud nine? GOD has been so SuPerB to me today I can hardly wait for u guys to come in and start chattin it up! Lay down, come out the heat, and chillax! i’M exhausted from the early day but before i Knock out for my afternoon nap get comfy and … LET’S BEGIN SHALL WE?!!!

FIRST UP! Today is the day we lost hip hops princess, Aaliyah, and I can hardly believe it’s been eight years!  Such a beautiful talent, role model, and women they just don’t make them like her anymore! Withthat said I wanted to pay tribute to her and the legacy she left in our lives and in the industry. Feel free to press play and set the mood for today’s post with one of my fav Aaliyah songs and fav pics of the r&b beauty!

 *Sidenote: I had a crush on this dude in 6th grade and played this song on repeat for a week! LOL*




Make sure you pray for her family and friends today and everyday! We will forever cherish her music and her memory!:)


NEXT! So the news about Nelly and Ashanti breaking up is LATE to me!

I actually heard about the spilt while visiting NEw York in June from Nelly’s close friend. BUT the twist to the story is Melissa Ford has been accused of coming between the two.

Needless to say Melissa is pissed about the allegations and went HAM on Twitter last week when she got wind of the news surrounding her and her role in the breakup. CHECK OUT WHAT SHE HAD TO SAY IN HER OWN DEFENSE—>

“NO! I am NOT The “Jessica Rabbit” that is rumored to have broken Nelly&Ashanti up! That’s some reality show chick who’s making my life hell! These f*cking blogsdisgust me! And everyone takes what they say as if it was a verse in a Bible!!!! IT’S NOT ME! How seriously is a nick name taken? Obviously a lot since this chick from Real Chance at Love is using the name and now I have the problems!Why do I need to be woken up with this BULLSH*T??? Why do I have to field the calls from media? I was just minding my own damn business!And before any SMART ASS hits me up and says “Well this is the life you chose…” SAVE IT! That is the most ignorant statementever.There are some boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed… There are rules witheverything, even in war, they’re called Rules of Engagement.It’s abt SELF PRESERVATION! It’s nt a hater issue, its bad news reporting, NO F*CKING FACT CHECKING! its annoying!”

Somebody go into my bar and get my girl a drink! On the rocks, no chaser, and something strong! You heard the lady she ain’t do it! Proceed with caution when you enter the rumor mill as you can see things can get nasty!


NEXT!!!  Calling all Project Runway fans reaaallll quick! So do ya”ll remember Michael Knight from more than a few seasons ago? Ya”ll know Mycheal the one from ATL who kept it REAL the entire season and then came back to  check Sheree from ATL housewives on not using status to start a clothing line with no clothing! Yeah him—>

I finally found his site!!! Family your gonna love his classy yet sassy sense of style! He only has a few pieces up now but I’ve already fallen in love.  HIS CERTIFIED FIERCE!

visit his site at: http://mychaelknight.com


NEXT! YAYYY Usher is back, supposedly single,and hopefully ready to make good music! Check out his new joint! I’m just happy to hear his voice again! BUMP IT OR DUMP IT?


NEXT! The word is Bow Wow is dropping a mixtape entitled, “Green Light”.

I got my hands on a joint from the upcoming project and I’ma give Bow his props for still reppin for Columbus! You been gone for like 13 plus years but you still never forgot where you came from! <Insert Clapping hands here> Good OLe’ COlumbus! Bless that city and it’s one hip hop station lol I kid I kid much love to the CO I drive 45 min just to shop at Easton and hit up a O State party every chance I get so I def love ya”ll whole heartedly! check out his new joint from “Green Light”.

p.S. Peep him sayin he got girls at the ribfest and now he shops at Easton! LMFAO  Columbus ya”ll gotta stand up on that one!


NEXT! Boosie is BACK! Those north of Kentucky may not care much about my mAnz but being a true hip hop fan means embracing it ALL which means …IM GeEkEd BiSh! 🙂 For my Boosie heads!—>


NEXT! WHo the heCk is Wendy Williams to call someone a virus?  I love her most times but sHe gets pocked lips and rolling eyes for this one! Wendy Wendy Wendy what’s you beef? sMh Check out what she has to say about Wayne, his looks, and his c.d. release!


Alrite folks I’m in bad shape. Naps are needed in this house. Either lay down and jump up! Love you lots! Today’s throwback TuesDAy is in honor of our Aaliyah! We miss you and this one is for you Baby Girl! ENJOY!:)




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