…It’S Me AgaIn Lemme IN!…

31 08 2009

GeEsh liFe just ain’t the same! SO much on my plate I forgot to feed you guys! BUT no worries it CATCH UP time so throw yourself down and stay awhile! First and foremost my apologies for a brief dip out but you know I’m back with gift and all! So i’ma kick things off the right way today and just tell you to press play! *chEez*


FIRST UP! Who else peeped Rihanna looking FIERCE AS ALL GET OUT!?

rihanna-vogue-9LOVE IT!


NEXT! So i love Tyra BAnks but why the hell is she making the debut of her “real hair” such a big deal? She posted this pic with her hair blurred out claiming that she’d rather keep it under wraps until September 8th when she reveals he locks on TV!tyra-realhair500LOVE TYRA but black people since when is it a “thing” to reveal your real hair!?


NEXT! First I gave ya”ll the track and now here’s the video! BUMP IT OR DUMP IT?


NEXT! Talk of the week is Joe Budden set Tahiry loose! Happens to the best of us BUT check out ole girl goin in on Joe ! A lady never let’s um see her sweat Miss Thing!


THAT’S RIGHT! We are days away from the JAy-z release September 11th and although there has been a leak of the album already I counting on ya”ll to support the Jigga man! Check him out on Bill Maher. He makes me so proud to be a hip hop head! 🙂


Well it is NEW MUSIC MONDAY so of course i’ma do you right! I’m on the run as usual but so happy we got to catch up! Leave me hugs and kisses at the door and as always love you more today than yesterday! ENJOY!*chEEz*


*Shameless plug*

GO COP TREY SONGZ c.d. TODAY! In stores NOW! *CheeZ*

He so SeXAY I think i”ll buy Two!!






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