…The LIghts Are on come Over my PLace….

6 09 2009

Wake up, wake up, wake up! Looks as if you’ve been sleepin on me! * side eye* Sorry I’ve been ghost for a minute but no worries “Me love you long time” *CHeeZ* I’ve compiled so much for you today I can hardly digest it all. Hurry throw ya bags down and slip off your shoes it’s time to spill some Tea and catch up! LOve the fit by the way looks like  the summer has been treatin somebody well *wink wink* Ignroe my flirtatious behavior LET’S BEGIN SHALL WE?


FIRST UP! Okay so ya”ll know Diddy’s group “DIRTY MONEY” , consisting of Dawn and Kaleena, well they have finally released their first joint! Personally the first song “Angel” doesn’t floor me but after diggin extra hard for you guys I found another song entitled “Love Not War” and I aDOrE it!!!! Very cute and very Dawnish ( don’t look at me like that ya”ll knwo Dawn got a swag that’s very fresh and catchy don’t throw shade at my girl *giggle*) Alrite so I’m talkin just listen.


NEXT! Okay it may be late but my girl will understand…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEYONCE!


 Yesterday was B’s birthday and although no pics or word has been released on the b-day girl’s weekend it was made clear by her babysis Solange via Twitter that they fam will be celebrating all weekend! ( pics courtsey of Tha Know and necolebitchie.com)


NEXT! Well family the word is JAy-z’s c.d. release date has been bumped up to Spetemeber 8, 2009!!


I’m guessing all the leaks of the album have a lot to do with the bump up BUT at this point who cares! For all you loyal hip-hop heads the album is available now at Rhapsody.com or you can tip toe into your local carrier and get the joint before school and work like me!  Just go cop it Bishes!*cheeZ*  Let’s hope for the best!


NEXT! I may be border line Drake obessessed but if your a real fan you know he’s been tlaking about working with Jay and Dame for years now. Almost brought tears to my eyes to hear this track! It’s dumb hoTT makes me almost pee my pants to hear the album! DRIIIZZZZYYYY!


NEXT! Their BACCCKKKK! Just when you were ready to dub them one hit wonders …BUMP IT OR DUMP IT?

Psssshhhhhhh…. *whispers in your ear* I’d Bump it. *tip toes back to her seat*


NEXT! We show DTP love in this house. With that said I have that NEW LIL SCRAPPY JOINT and if i say so myself Scrappy is back and a little more gangsta than before. Some like it rough Scrapp *Giggles* Def loven this peep it….


NEXT! Today’s guilty pleasure….THAT NEW SHAKIRA JOINT! Why the hell is this song so daYUm Addicting? and what exactly is a SHE WOLF? IDK ya”ll but I had to do it. Here’s Septemeber’s guilty pleasure. AIN”T NO SHAME IN MY GAME * rolling my eyes*

JUST BETWEEN YOU AND I: Soon enough she”ll be to old to do that belly ish!


neXT! FELLAS! Diamond from what use to be Crime Mob does a shoot topless and no EllEn she looks gawgeous! Got the footage from the shoot for you baby boy!


NEXT!  “Hi I’m a Pretty Blogger and I’m addicted to Ryan Leslie…” *akward silence and scanning of the room*… Here’s why….


NEXT! Okay I’m runnin out of air talkin ya ear off and what not so I have clothes for you! I missed FashioN Friday liek a MOFO so here goes nothin! ENJOY your HOLIDAY weekEnd! Drink responsibly and eat too much!  HUgs and French KIsses! ENJOY!:)

By: Married To the MOb ..The bOys Tee.. $40.00

By: Married To the MOb ..The bOys Tee.. $40.00



5 paCK PANTIES by: MOB $50.00

5 paCK PANTIES by: MOB $50.00

The Ayre $170.00 by: Irregular CHoice

The Ayre $170.00 by: Irregular CHoice




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