FacE FIrst In LoVe with THe Fear Of the UNkNOwn..

10 09 2009

Don’t you just love pretty days? No clouds, money comen in, breeze blowin the haters off! YESSSSSS folks it’s gonna be a good last half of the week!:D Dizzzaaayymmm have i missed ya”ll!  Eff the drama, the stress, the BS, i’d much rather be with ya”ll *wink* OKay so leave my screen door open and grab that Kool aid out the fridge we need ot chat it up! 


FIRST UP! Who copped the Jay album? If you haven’t downloaded, dubbed, bought, or obsessively YOUTUBE’d every joint …kill ya self! lol Sooooo what’s ya favorite track? Oh yea that ish is hott! I feel you! Wanted to share my fav joints so far, they are the following:

Oh UNCLE JAY don’t hurt um!!! lol That gives me chills and eargasims word to Toronto! 


NEXT!OKay so at first i was a proud ATLalien when the Housewvies came in to document my city and how we do BUT did you see these chicks embarass themselves on Ellen yesterday? Oh c’mon check this mess out i’m silently about to disown these pump wearin cookie baken drama filled ladies!


NEXT! Okay so TYRA’s back!!!!!! No Ellen but i love her ! Who saw her reveal her real hair? IDK why it was such a HUGE deal but i’m thinken she needed some noise to kick off her new season! Well those of you with nine to five’s may have been punchin the clock so here’s what u missed….

Hair is hair i change mine like underwear ! *hehe* Anywho days later Bow Wow stops by and once again Tyra gets a little rating hungry and ask him to kiss her…IDK Ty i think you ova did this time sis smDh lol Peep it!—->


NEXT! SO who slipped T-Pain his crazy pills to early this week? Dayum you for ruining your career Pain! I enJOyed your off key voice…. Seems T-Pain felt the need to talk trash about Jay-z recently and got the backlash of his life! Here’s what he had to say on Power 105 in response to the “beef” he cooked up….

“This aint the first time I done said it. Nothing has changed. I called Jay and I said can you come out on my set [during Summer Jam] and do the D.O.A song, it’ll be a big look for me and you. I embrace the song, I love the song and don’t get me wrong Jay-z is the best in the game period. I would never say anything different. At that time he said “yo I’m triple booked, I’m in Switzerland right now, I can’t do it”. Then I’m ready to go on stage after Jeezy set and they said “hold on, Jay-z is about to come out with Jeezy” and I said ” Jay-z is in switzerland”. They say “no he’s not, he’s right there” and I look to the side and there’s Jay-z. So he gets on the stage and when he gets to the part where he says “I don’t need anyone smiling at this” he pointed at me and then at the end of the song when I tried to shake his hand, he turned around, gave the mic to someone and said “good riddance”.

*falls on the floor in hysteria* lol  So basically Jay serves you to the real hip hop goons you try n shake his hand and he disses you cus he doesn’t respect ya swag and you get mad ….PAIN callme crazy but i think that means it’s go time.GO HARD OR GO HOME! If i was this dude i would hit the studio so hard and create a song to make babies to for the next ten decades! lol What ya”ll think?


NEXT! YEaH Chilli from TLC is getting her own dating reality show!


Who else is geeked? She was always a fav!!!  Our girl says there will be no kissing on the mouth, more than just black guys, and lost of nice menZ to look at! Can’t wait!


ALrite folks gotta run but i’m def gonna leave the door under the mat for you so you can come back ASAP! Leavin you with a little poetry and a song for your haters! That’s rite im double dippin with the gifts and you love me fo rit!:) Hate to run but you now i love you guyS more tHan Betsey JOhnson N ChurroS! 🙂 *HUgs N FreNch KIsseS* ENJOY!:)

POETRY for my ladies “goons” lol this ones for anyone goin thru a fuNK with LOvLUSt. Spray some air freshner and get over that FuNK THAnGS happen! Laugh It Off with mISS THinG—-> *SmiLE*





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