13 09 2009

Oh hey it’s you again! I could barely hear the door over all the new ish i have loading for you! Hurry come in before you let the good air out! So excited to see your face I can hardly wait to drop all this T I have for you today!! Take your regular spot and ChillaX cus I’m ready to get everything out!!


FIRST UP! You can say a lot of things about Keri Hilson but dayum it the girl can write her butt off! If you don’t love her c.d. then you must be tone death or outta touch! With that said i was dumb Geeked to see that her video for “Slow Dance” was finally released! One of my fav songs on the c.d. actually has an equally hott video! I’m proud to post the following->>>>>>>


NEXT!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to every bodies favorite sister Neffie on her delivery to a healthy baby boy!!!! I love Neffie and say what you will about her fertile self but the girl is clearly handlin business for the fam! Check her out showin off her new bundle of JOy!!!—>

Congrats MaMaz!!!


NEXT! I’m starting to believe Jeremih’s not a one hit wonder!!! Peep his new video for his new song ” Break up to Make Up”. BUMP IT OR DUMP IT??


NEXT! After Whitney received poor reviews for her latest release I wasn’t sure what to expect. Poor Whit she just can’t seem to strike hot like the good ole days! Who has the c.d.?  I need your thoughts cus I refuse to believe it’s half as bad as the critics say! Well after diggin i found her new video for her latest song ” I look to you”. Eff what ya heard miss thing looks faB!


NEXT! I’m extremely peeved that I missed the initial airing of Jay’z concert at Madison Square but if you are like me and had prior engagements here’s a little taste of what we missed! P.S. no worries it airs again this Saturday on FUSE!


NEXT! Oh Em GEE G’s and Gents I could hardly handle the buzz about the movie Takers featuring T.I. and Chris Brown. I couldn’t help but  to go diggin for proof the project even existed! Well  good news…IT EXIST!!!! Found the trailer ..check check check it out!—->

Who’s buying my ticket to see this? Any Takers?  *looks around*Anybody? anybody? lol Word is the release date for this star packed action flick is February 19.2010.  *hands on my hips and given you the side eye* Now stay away from the bootlegs folks and pay the ticket price dang it! We all know Chris Breezy and T.i. need the dinero after there recent troubles! SmH


NEXT!!! OKay so if you have been spending some time under a rock i guess you may have missed the news. Christina Milan is prego by The Dream!

It’s been confirmed that the two jumped the broom not long ago in Vegas and now they are reported to be excited about starting their family. Well dayum what ever happened to taking things slow? I guess when you have the dinero you can live life in the HOV lane! <insert shoulder shrug here> CoNGRATS! I like this pair! They seem genuinely in love and ready to start their lives! 🙂 Now who’s starting the pool on how long it will last? lol HATERS!!!!


NEXT! I guess it’s safe to say Fat Joe is back! BX stand up! lol IDK i hate the girl filled video concept, it’s kinda how do you say….DONE ALREADY! What ya”ll think?


Well well well look at the time! I’m simply exhausted from a jam packed week and you’ve almost squeezed all the major news of the week outta me! A chick is runnin on E! So make sure you enjoy your week and don”t you even think about lettin any haters, dream killers, or drama kill ya week! lol

On a serious note Septemebr 13th marks 13 years that the late great Tupac Shakur has passed on. I can hardly remember my class schedule yet I remember the day he passed like it was my favorite sixteen or movie. As a father to the hip hop game and a legend around the world it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since he left us. Posting anything else as a goodbye gift but Pac would just be down right disrespectful. Take time this week to recognize a man who made such an impact in such a little amount of time. We love you Tupac and there will never be another you.<peAcE.>










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